Monday, March 30, 2009

Venture into my gardens, raised beds, vermicomposting and roses...

I plan to post my adventure into vermicomposting, raised beds for my new veggie garden and my small present rose and perennial garden.
This is my CanOWorms vermicomposter. I just got it in March and its got bedding, coffee grounds and stale bread for a starter and a pound of red wiggler worms. I have a piece on panty hose attached with a rubber band so the liquid can drip but the worms can't. This shows the canoworms without its closed top. For now it has to stay in by bathroom since its too cold outside for their condo. When its warm enuf, the whole setup will go out in the shade for the summer. I'll keep you posted on know how the system works for me and if there are problems and what the liquid compost does to perk up any plants and so forth. This is a new adventure for me.
You'll also be able to follow me with my adding raised beds to the back lawn. I priced renting a sod cutter today. $89.99 for 24 hours but only $60.50 for 4 hrs. I'll have to connect with my son when he can do it. It won't be until the snow melts and the ground dries out a bit....maybe the end of April or early May.