Friday, May 25, 2018

I Made Some Veggie Beef Soup Today

I got out the Dutch oven and made a pot of Veggie Beef Soup.
It was delicious.  Filled with beef, potatoes, carrots, green beans, corn, peas, lima beans, onions,  and tomato sauce.  I will send most of it home tomorrow with my son for him and my grandson.  I will also make a batch of my meatballs tomorrow, another item I cook that my guys enjoy.  Again, the majority of those will make their way to their home.

I am on an eating plan again.  I am watching my intake.  Smaller portions, drinking more water, only eating one sandwich or one bowl of homemade soup (I could easily finish two of either with a smile), and limiting or refusing snacks altogether.  I have a doctor's appt. for my yearly checkup and would love to lose those 10 pounds I've gained over the last 2 months.  I will make the effort.

When I grocery shopped yesterday, I passed the snack aisles and didn't buy anything extra.  I still have candy bars in the house and will eat those sparingly, very sparingly, because I hate to toss away good food.  I also hate to give it away.  LOL

Our temps today were in the 80sF so I had the a/c going.  Its comfy in my apt.  Tomorrow will be cooler and lots of rain they are predicting.

My Red Sox play the Atlanta Braves in a home game tonite and the next 3 days.  I am hoping for all wins, but 2 wins will make me happy if that's all that happens.  We are in and out of first place in the American League every other day it seems, along with the New York Yankees.

I told my son that I am enjoying my second childhood and when I grow up I will be an entirely different person.  That's because I haven't watched a baseball game since the 1960s and I never liked football so never watched a full game ever.  Before the end of the last football season, I was enjoying the Boston Patriots and know I will watch them again next fall.  Now I watch on TV every Boston Red Sox baseball game that plays and have since the season started.  I had a couple of favorites after the first couple of days of viewing.  Favorite player:  J D Martinez.  Favorite Pitcher:  Joe Kelly.    I am happy to report that JD is getting lots of runs batted in and lots of homers since I've been watching.  Don't you just love it when a favorite player does well?
That is why I will be a different person when I grow up.  I am into sports these days.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Lilacs Are Blooming

Its May and the Lilacs are blooming.  They are all young bushes, only 3 years old, but their aroma is divine and their flowers so lush.
We have Creeping Phlox and a few other flowers blooming, but the Hostas and Rhododendrons are yet to show their colors.

Above is one of the two shade gardens with Hosta and Rhododendrons.

Above is my little traveling companion, my corgi, Penny.  Aged 12 and still going strong and staying healthy.

The day is beautiful with sunshine and lovely temps in the mid 70sF with little moisture in the air so it feels cooler.  Such a pleasant day for our walks.

Have a good day.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Did You Enjoy Your Moher's Day?

I did.  My kids came over along with the grands.  They brought gifts.  The chocolate cake had turquoise icing.  Wow, my favorite color on my favorite flavor.  And KFC was also brought, my kids knowing I love KFC.  So a nice day was had by all.  We sat and ate and got our lives sorted and told adventures of the past and just enjoyed ourselves.
I hope your day was fine everyone.
I just want to share a few lovely pictures of flowers with you, ones I made in the past.
This is the Karl Rosenfeld Peony, bright pink and lush.

This is the Christopher Marlowe English rose.  It not only went from dark to light pink, the aroma was divine.

For those that love red roses, this is David Austin's Crimson Falstaff.

This Iris is named Halloween, probably because of the dashes of bright orange thru it.  Lovely.

One can't go wrong with orchids, this one a Phalaenopsis and quite delightful.

I love Orchids, but they never lasted for me.  I didn't have the right living space for them.

These Clematis are named Multi-Blue and live up to their name.

This David Austin English rose is Camisole among some Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susans).

I hope you enjoyed my journey thru my past garden.  Have a nice day.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A Walk Thru My Early Spring Garden

We had a bit of rain twice yesterday which made the grass grow about an inch and the green turn greener.  It also brought out a bit of color.
The first tulips are blooming.  I love their bright colors.

The Creeping Phlox near the moss beds are starting to fill out as well.

Our White Birches are filling with hangings blossoms before their leaves come out.

These trees near our front entrance are full of white blossoms, but no leaves yet.  I will have to learn what kind are these trees.

We have 2 beds of Rhododendrons and Hosta, but no blossoms on the Rhodos yet and the hosta are invisible just now.

A close-up of a Rhodo in another bed shows its full of green leaves, but no blossoms this early.

These pretty flowers are early each year.  They look like the fall Ceratostigmas I had but which were bright blue.  These are purple and flourish in early spring.

The weather today was in the 60sF and sunny but there is still a cold March wind blowing from the west today.  It makes for jacket weather and the shorts are in the closet.

Hope you had a fine day.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Warmer Weather At Last

We've waited so long, but I think spring is really here.  This week temps in the 60sF and 70sF expected.  Right now its 60.  Love it.
My dog and I took a longer walk today and I took pictures.

First of all, this is our first Dandelion under the trees by the front parking lot.

The view from the bridge shows the river is low.  See all the rocks showing in the river near the top of the photo.  In front is the river before it goes over the falls and a popular place for fisherman to catch trout every year and the Canadian geese to raise their young.

The Forsythia in one of the the front garden beds are nodding happily in their yellow florals.

This is a close-up of one of them.  They are not fully fledged yet, but they are getting there.

This is one of our young Lilacs by the front entrance.  Just showing a few buds at this point.

We have one on each side of the front pathway.  This is the second one looking mighty bare right now.

The gardens by the back patio are just coming into bloom with the white birches standing sentinel.

The first of the flowers in our raised beds along the garden pathway show Jonquils along with some white with yellow Daffodils nodding their pretty heads now.

Another raised bed with yellow Jonquils and white and yellow Daffodils.

Here's a close-up view of the two types of flowes we have blooming right now.

These are more from the garden area behind the patio.

When my corgi Penny and I got home, I was feeling so good I had to rearrange my wardrobe to suit the seasons.
The front closet now boasts summer jackets and light-weight tops with the winter ones back in the rear of the walk-in closet for many months.
I took all my winter gear including boots, gloves, hats, scarves, ice cleats and the like and those are relegated to the winter storage box and out of sight.  I love it.
Even winter nite wear is stashed away for the season and the summery light stuff is in play.  It makes one feel really good to see it all changed around and my drawers all rearranged.

I hope you had a nice day as well. 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Some Like to Fish

I watched a couple of fellows fishing the other day.  An adult and a young male, maybe his son or grandson.  They seemed to be having a good time.
I understand there are eels and trout in that river.  It looks like the boy may have got a hit on his line.  I didn't see him pull in anything but then I wasn't watching every minute.

But signs of spring abound around here.  The wind has died down a little and with the warmer days, it doesn't chill one to the bone.  Still, when the sun shines its very nice to go walking.  The rains fall and the grass gets greener.  I think Maine is coming out of its Winter Season.

I hope better day are in store for all of you.  Have a nice day. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

I Believe They are Jonquls, Not Daffodils

I reported that our Daffodils are blossoming yesterday.  I think that was a mistake.
I cut one of the buds and it not only has a hollow stem, but it has a sweet subtle aroma that's not found in Daffodils.
Here's a close-up with a size comparison with a quarter.  Looks like a Jonquil to me after this closer inspection.

I also need a new project so I took this one out of my WIPs box.  Its a leaded rose design and the fabric I'm using is a tone on tone tan fabric to make the best use of the colors of the roses I will choose.  That has not yet been decided.  I have rose fabric to choose today or tomorrow.  Maybe they will be in reds, maybe in rose-colored pinks, maybe in yellows.  We shall see.

Have a good day.