Monday, October 23, 2017

I'm Crocheting Hanging Towel Gifts

Since I give them out on T-Day so they can be used during the Xmas Season, I am making more Xmas hanging dish towels.  These can be hung over the oven door or on the refrigerator doors.  I use them both ways.
The theme on these towels are Xmas trees, so I did a pair in red crochet tops with green buttons.......

...and a pair of Xmas tree towels with green crocheted tops with red buttons.   I will make another two pairs with these colors as well.

I really want to buy some with different Xmas scenes this week.  I don't have many with Xmas as a theme yet.  I also want to get some with roosters which I can use for a T-Day theme.  I have a pair of them made which I really like.

Shopping for candy-making supplies is also on my list this week.  I have fudgy wreaths on my candy list and Italian wine cookies along with chocolate and peanut butter fudges, with and without nuts. Of course, peanut butter balls are on that list so I hope to find red and green colored sugars to dust them.   I am eager to enjoy my cooking this year in my new apartment.  Its cozy and I feel so good about living here that I enjoy my days so much more.

Have a good day.  Hugs, S

Thursday, October 19, 2017

I'm Working on "Cornucopia" for My 2nd T-Day Wall Hanging

There isn't much I can think of for patterns for T-Day except Turkeys and Cornucopias.  This is my version of the latter......
I guess the lighting wasn't right because the cornucopia is in a beige print, not this color and what looks like blue is light green.  Its tacked down only and not satin-stitched at all at this point.  I'll make sure I have it in better lighting when I finish it so you can see the true colors.

Have a nice day.

I Finished "Turkey in the Marigolds" Wall Hanging.

Yes, my first T-Day wall hanging is finally done.
Here he is, at 13.5" by 14.5 inches he's suitable to hang on my door.  The colors aren't exactly as I thought they would be so my next turkey wall hanging will have brighter colors.
As you can see, my signature fairy (upper left corner) and a honey bee button (lower right range in the flowers) are added to make it complete.

I drew several Xmas patterns the last few days and among them are Xmas mice, penguins, and snowmen.  I even drew a corgi dog which I want to hang on my door between times when a Holiday is not looming.  The color pattern will look much like my Penny.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I Made Some Oven-Door Hanging Dish Towels.

I had to wait around today for the maintenance fellow to drop in and remove my air conditioner from my living room window.  I felt I could not get deep into my sewing so instead I made another pair of hanging dish towels.  I made a pair yesterday in the evening and had out my yarn and needles and such, so thought its a good time to make more.
This is from yesterday the ones with apples on them.

Today I did these......
The theme is olives.

I like to have a stash ready in case I have company or for gift-giving at Thanksgiving so they can use them during the Holidays.

Nice sunny day here in southern Maine, in the high 70s.  I put on my big fan in the living room after the a/c was removed.  I know I will be using it probably into December, this and the big one in my bedroom.  This apt. is very warm, probably because I'm between the 1st and 3rd floors.  I also have windows open in both rooms  this evening.

Have a good evening.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Did A Little Sewing Today.

I sort of felt a bit guilty for not getting back to my projects, so today I made an effort to sew again.

I finally got back to Flowers in Season which I haven't touched for several months.  It will be a good one for next spring because the flowers are Iris and Roses, so I have plenty of time to finish it.
I'm back to satin-stitching down the pieces and made good headway.

This one is Turkey in the Marigolds.  I had this lovely marigold fabric I could use for the background.  Mr. Turkey is tacked down so tomorrow the satin-stitching can begin.

I took a break but came back after a short rest to satin-stitch my turkey but also to add my signature fairy in the background.  I like to add a fairy or a honey bee to my work.

Right now I have an aching neck from working on my sewing machine.  It needs rest and some exercise to make it feel better.  I won't be sewing again til tomorrow.

Today is such a lovely day in southern Maine.  Temps in the 60sF with sunshine and a lovely breeze off the river making it such a pleasure to sit outside in the back garden and just enjoy the day.

Have a good one yourselves.   Hugs, S

Friday, September 29, 2017

"Ghost Under a Full Moon" is finished.

Voila!  The last of my Halloween wall hangings is done for this year.

Ghost Under a Full Moon measures 11.5" by 16 inches.  I really love ghosts for Halloween and also black cats.

Its been a lovely day in the high 60s and sunny.  Last nite it got rather chilly.  I went out this morning dressed in a quilted light winter jacket and it was perfect.   I think we dropped into the high 40sF last nite.  A long-sleeved corduroy shirt would have been too light.  Penny and I enjoyed a brisk morning walk.

The week looks like more of the same and I see many brown leaves have fallen over the lawn.  I expect we will have our usual fall colors bursting around Columbus Day, October 10th.  Fall is so lovely here in Maine every year.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another Sewing Day

I sewed today and not much else.
I made out a list of foods I should eat and amounts of same since I have to cut back on sugar according to my doctor.  I am getting close to the diabetic range of numbers so he wants me to cut back.  Not eliminate entirely, just enjoy my sweets occasionally.  That will be tough because I love my peanut butter balls, peanut butter fudge, chocolate fudge and my chocolate walnut clusters that I make to enjoy even while sharing some with friends in the building.
I'm thinking I will make a batch only when a Holiday is coming and share most of them with others and eat very few of them myself.
I understand that carbohydrates mean a lot when it comes to sugar numbers so friends have been advising me about that, too.  I surely welcome their input.
One of them is sending me a chart on Counting my Carbs which will be useful.

In the meantime, I shopped for foods that are healthier for me.

......And I am sewing to keep me too busy to think of sticking candy in my mouth.  LOL

 As you can see above, my latest wall hanging, Ghost Under a Full Moon, is pinned now and ready for quilting tomorrow.  I should be able to finish it up the same day with a black border.

Next on the agenda are the few Thanksgiving wall hangings.  I have turkeys and a cornucopia drawn for those.

For Xmas, so far, I have snowmen and a penguin  on the drawing board.

Have a good day.