Friday, February 23, 2018

I Finished 2 Spring Wall Hangings Today

I didn't think I would get these two done today, but I did.

Spring Garden Rabbit is ready to put on my door in March.
She measures only 10.5 inches by 13 inches but is big enough.
I enjoyed making her.  I can use her for Easter as well.

Dillie the Baby Dragon is my favorite of the two.  She's tiny enough to be in the garden finding the first Daffodil of the season.
This one measures 13.5 inches by 15 inches so is a good size for my door.  Another one for spring as well as Easter time.

As soon as I figure out how to finish the WH of my dog Penny, which means drawing in her eyes, I will get that one done as well.  No hurry on her since its not seasonal.

Nice day today, sunny but only in the 30sF.  We never got that rain we expected and tomorrow is to be sunny and warmer.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Current Wall Hangings Are Cut To Size

I am working on my wall hangings today, even though our temps are in the low 60s and its sunny and a lovely day outdoors.  But its soooo muddy from all the melt.

The Easter/Spring rabbit has his eye and I've cut the background to size in this photo.

The same for Dillie Dragon.   So I am making good progress and my back isn't aching too badly at this point.

I have since layered the batting and backing to these two and pinned them in place.   The next step will be the quilting.  Always decisions to be made at this point.  I am keeping them simple so it won't be difficult, just time-consuming.

I still have not bought the ultra thin sharpie to finish Penny's eyes in her wall hanging but I have cut the background to size.  I hope to find one in my shopping adventures tomorrow.

I made some skillet lasagna earlier which I will eat today and enjoy after Penny and I go out for an extended walk around the block and away from the muddy areas.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Three Wall Hangings In Progress

I spent another good day sewing and made progress on my 3 wall hangings.

The first thing I did was redo Penny.  I did NOT like how the eye turned out.  It was too big and dark and I was not pleased.  Today, I replaced the section with her eye so I can remake it.  I did not do that today.  I am still thinking of how to proceed with that.

The Easter/Spring Rabbit in the garden I satin-stitched today.  There's, of course, more to do with this one like shading the nose adding the eye, trimming the whole thing to size, adding borders, adding the batting and backing, quilting the piece, trimming a second time,  doing the binding and adding my label.  I could not finish it today.

Dillie, my Spring/Easter baby dragon is coming along.  I satin-stitched most of it but have the daffodil to finish with the satin-stitching.  Then the usual steps that finish up a wall hanging can begin.  Not today.

Lovely day out today, in the high 40sF and snow is melting quickly now.  Warmer tomorrow, maybe 60s, and til this weekend at least.  We only got a bit of that rain they predicted so far.

Have a nice day.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Wall Hangings in Progress

Last nite I got enough sleep that I woke up feeling so good I wanted to sew.....and sew.
Today I managed to work on 3 wall hangings.

This in my ongoing one, of my corgi Penny.   I am making inroads on this one.

This one is Dillie the baby Dragon.  The background is green but looks otherwise here for some reason.  She will be looking at a yellow daffodil.  I can use her for Easter time and for the whole Spring season.

This one is a little rabbit in a garden and will have a couple of carrots in front of him.  Again, dual job, Easter and Spring.

We are having a nice day today.  The sun is melting those 6" of snow we had from Noah the other day.  No ice, thank goodness.  The rest of the week will reach the 40s, 50s and even 60sF so a really warm and unusual week for us in southern Maine but rain falling tonite and tomorrow.  I like this kind of weather except it will prompt budding of trees and perennial plants that may be frozen over by the end of the month.  We need to keep our nites much cooler.

Have a nice day.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Snowstorm Noah Came To the Northeast 02-18-18

Snowstorm Noah didn't pass us by in the Northeast.  Penny and I went for our early morning walk and I took my yardstick along.  Measured it at 6" of new snow.  Went indoors and got my camera and came out clicking.  Its so beautiful just after a soft snow storm.
This is how I found our patio area this morning.

The tall Pampas grass golden, dressed in white, and leaning.

The river with its guardians of trees, just lovely.

The two stalwart pines across the river, covered is soft snow.

The bridge, quiet and dusted with snow.

The view of the bridge thru the paper bark birch

Even the dam looks good this morning

The trees across the river are so lovely in their finery.

One can't get enough of such beauty.

The garden walk pristine and buried

Even our oldest resident, this tall monarch, looks bright and beautiful.

I am not a skier, skater, or a sledding person so I will enjoy the loveliness of today from the warmth and comfort of indoors, thank you.  I'll leave the fun and cold to the youth and energetic. 

As for cold, it won't be too bad today.  We're expecting it to reach high 30Fs today, maybe even 40.  I know what that will do to our lovely snow.  Melting time is upon us.  Especially in days to come.  Tomorrow in the 40s and on Thursday, an unprecedented 60s on our thermometers.  

Have a nice day my friends.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Drawings of 2 Easter Wall Hangings

Firstly, lets get the veggie beef soup out of the way.  I cooked the carrots and celery first, then by the time I peeled the potatoes, it was ready to add those to the pot.  When the taters were tender I added a can of mixed vegetables to get some corn, peas, string beans and lima beans added to the soup.  It is delish!
I had a difficult time not overeating tonite.   I usually have 2 full bowls, and I mean FULL, of my soup for a meal, but with me watching my intakes, I managed to keep it down to 1 1/2 bowls of soup tonite.  I know that's still baddddd!  I just could not resist eating more than I should.  That's OK, because tonite I won't eat anything for my evening snack.  I won't make my pizza until tomorrow morning before my son's arrival and plan to have him bring home most of it for him and my grandson.  I'll just keep a slice for my evening snack tomorrow nite.

Here's the bunny drawing I was going to add to my Easter group of wall hangings for my door, but without any Easter eggs, it can also be used for Spring in general.

This one I had to go over again with black ink so it would show up in a photo.  It was too light in pencil.  Here is my baby dragon with her bow on her head.  She's looking at a bright daffodil.   I have to think of a cute name for her.

I probably won't be checking in tomorrow.  I'll be busy with company and I hope to get some more sewing done.  Either that or I will catch up on watching the Olympics programs I'm recording each day.  In any case, I will keep myself busy.

Have a good day.

A Little of This, A Little of That

Its overcast right now with rain to come later this afternoon.  Temps aren't bad though, in the high 30sF so that's pleasant when out walking the dog.
As for the dog, she's my sweetie pie.  She's a shadow that follows me from room to room and stays close when out walking.
While I was in the kitchen getting my veggie soup started, she lay nearby on the rug.

When I ventured into the bedroom to take a photo of the latest WH with the eyes added, she was right there.

Here's that wall hanging in progress.  

As for the veggie soup, I started the beef and it will simmer slowly for 2 1/2 hours.
It only the beef broth, beef, onions and seasonings at this point.

The fresh carrots and celery will go into the pot at that time and then shortly afterwards, lots and lots of cubed potatoes.  We love veggie beef soup in my family and when my son drops in tomorrow to visit, I will send him home with enough for a couple of days for him and grandson.

The Olympics programs have been keeping me busy as well.  I record them so I can watch them at my leisure so that will take up some hours today.

Earlier I drew a few pictures to make into wall hangings.  I will post those another day.
Have a good day.