Monday, November 13, 2017

I Made More Hanging Dish Towels.

I've got a deadline which is Turkey Day so I have been crocheting more oven door hanging towels.

Here are just a couple of them.  I bring several pairs with me to Turkey Dinner to give to the other guests as their pre-Xmas d├ęcor gift for this season.  Most folks like getting them.  They are very useful and they are cute as well.

I can't believe it folks, we are getting snow.  Its the first snow of the season here in southwestern Maine.  I just don't want to see it this early.  Our winters last much too long as it is with Dec., Jan, Feb, and into March for sure.  They told us rain today, not snow.  What other job in the world can you be wrong so often and still keep your cushy and well-paid position.   It must be great to know that no matter how many times you get it wrong,  you are safe in your job.

Have a Good Day.

Friday, November 10, 2017

"Iris in Season" WH is Completed

I started this quite some time ago, many months in fact.  I just finished it today.
This measures 20.5 by 26.5 inches.  In the lower right in the picture you can see my corgi, Penny, lying on her blanket keeping watch.

Here's a closer view of Iris in Season.

Now with my slate clean, I can begin my Xmas and Winter Wall Hangings.  I have some rather cute ones drawn out which I can begin this weekend.  I am also crocheting Xmas hanging dish towels for T-Day gifts when I go to dinner.

Have a nice Day.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Guardian Goat Gargoyle Comes to My House

In checking my ancestry, I learned that gargoyles were placed on Lithuanian housetops to guard homes from evil.  Their scary features were meant to scare away any evil creatures coming to do harm in a home.  Being of Lithuanian descent, they are part of my history.

My Father came to America from Lithuania in the early 1900s and served in the U.S. Army, earning a medal at the Second Battle of the Marne.  His brother and sister also emigrated from Lithuania.  My Mother was born in America, but both her parents came from Lithuania as well.  So you see, gargoyles are in my past on both sides of my family.  Also amber in a unique gemstone from my ancestry and I will be looking to add that to my ancestral collection soon.

For now, meet my latest acquisition.  He's a cast iron, winged, half man, half goat, Guardian Goat Gargoyle.
I named him Gamma Ramma, my guardian goat against evil.  He sits in my window since I have no way of putting him on my rooftop, but he can look out into the world and protect me from evil doers from his post.  I think he's rather handsome.  I also like goats in general, so I'm happy to add him to my household.

Its a cold evening here in Maine.  I will be sitting, cozy and warm, with cotton dish towels on my lap and crocheting happily tonite making inroads in my stash of Holiday gifts.

Have a Nice Evening.

I Finished Two Turkey Wall Hangings

Its nice to have these finished.
This Wall Hanging, Turkey Duo, measures 13 by 15 inches.  Just right for my front door.

This one, Turkey in Colors, measures 13.5 by 15 inches and will share space on the front door in between the others.  I think a week at a time is sufficient for each of them.

Tho I have another floral one ready to layer, pin, and quilt and bind, I will not finish it today.  I am also deciding which pattern I want to use for my Xmas wall hangings.  I keep changing my mind.  I have so many of them drawn out and no time for them all this year.

I shopped yesterday and bought over half a dozen more dish towels, these in Xmas scenes, so I will be working on those to get ready for T-Day when I will give them out to those that share the T-Day dinner so they can use them up to and including Xmas Day this year.

Its a cold one today, only in the low 40s today with the nites being below freezing now.  Brrrrr, winter is right around the corner for us this year, I think.

Have a good day.

Monday, November 6, 2017

I Worked On Wall Hangings Today

I finished Turkey in the Marigolds on Oct 19th but didn't care for the eye so I bought some wiggly eyes and added one.  He's much cuter.
The eye makes him more alive.   This one is 13.5 by 14.5 inches finished.

I also worked on my two other turkey wall hangings.
I finished the satin-stitching around my Turkey Duo today.  I will add wiggly eyes to these as well.

This one I veered from my usual more traditional style.  I made this one colorful.  This is Turkey in Colors and it, too, has been satin-stitched at this point.
I have to rest now.
I find that I can work at my sewing machine about two hours.  After that, I can push myself a little more, but I get an awful aching back when I do.  I find its not worth it.  I have plenty of time to finish a few more Holiday wall hangings before the Holidays.  I want to work on snowmen and penguins once I finish quilting these above.

This evening I'll be back to crocheting another pair of hanging dish towels while I watch TV.

Have a Nice Day.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall Harvest Dish Towels Done

I wanted something that said fall, without being specifically Thanksgiving and found these cute Harvest Pumpkin dish towels.  I made myself the first pair and hung them on my oven door.
I even used my signature honey bee buttons for them.  I really like these.  I will put up the ones with roosters closer to Thanksgiving since I could not find anything with turkeys on them.

Have a good day.

I Sewed Today, Working on WHs

I thought it was time for me to get cracking on T-Day wall hangings.  Today I made inroads.

I finished "Cornucopia" today.  Its small, but perfect for hanging on my front door at 9.5" by 11" so I'm content.   Now I have two T-Day wall hangings finished so I can switch them around each week.

This one is "Turkey Duo" which is larger and its all tacked down but lots more stitching needed before its complete.  The background fabric is chicken wire.

And I've wanted to do something about my beloved pet, Penny.  I'm making a portrait of her as well.   I also love the color turquoise, so the background fits perfectly.  Here it is tacked down at this point.  I will work on it in between T-Day and Xmas projects.

Right now my back is aching.  Sewing does that.  I must sit awkwardly at my machine and bending forward to look closely at my work doesn't help solve the aching problems.  For now I will rest up a bit.  Its a dark and gray day today anyway and the lighting by my machine isn't really bright for close work.  The lamps I have do not do the trick.  So rest and TV and a good book are on my menu this afternoon

Have a good day.