Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Both Wall Hangings are Tacked Down.

I worked on my two wall hangings again today and have got both tacked down and pieces all in place.
Here's "Cat in a Pumpkin" all pieces in place and ready for the satin-stitching.

And "Cat in a Pumpkin Patch" is also tacked and ready to be satin-stitched.
I should have these done by this weekend.  Crossing my fingers that woks out.

Have a good day.

Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm Working on 2 More Halloween Wallhangings

I am on a roll.  I chose two of my designs and started tacking down the pieces.
This is "Cat in a Pumpkin" so far.  Its pinned atop another wall hanging.  I found that tacking down black fabric with my usual black thread wasn't working for me.  It was too difficult to see where I should be cutting away fabric.  With this one I made two glaring errors in cutting and had to reset more fabric after removing the damaged pieces.
The background fabric I've had for a few years and with its dark clouds and a moon above, I thought this a good place to use it.
There is still lots to go on this but I had to stop when my back starting acting up.  I was doing a bit too much today.

This one is "Cat in a Pumpkin Patch" and will have a large pumpkin to the left of the cat.  The background is a darker gold than is showing here.

Now its time to rest up a bit and with the light going so quickly with the overcast sky, I won't get back to these til tomorrow.

Have a good day.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Two Ghost Wall Hangings are Finished.

I finished the pair today.  Both are 14 x16 inches.
I named them "Boo" and "BooBoo" since they are turned in opposite directions.  The white of the ghosts is the same, but the one on the right was in a darker part of the room so it looks different.

I think the black cat wall hangings will have to wait for next week.  I am pooped from sewing and pinning and pressing and all that goes with getting a wall hanging finished.

Have a good day everyone. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

'Witch in a Cauldron' Wall Hanging is Finished

Here it is, my first Halloween wallhanging.
I finished it today, and am very pleased with it.  It measures 14 x 16 inches so its the perfect size to hang on my front door.

Now I have to layer, pin, and quilt my two Ghost wall hangings but maybe not until tomorrow.  I'm rather tired right now.  I have to get away from my sewing machine now and then.

Its a good time to read and I have a book I know I will enjoy, A Good Man with a Dog by Roger Guay, (published 2016), a retired Maine game warden who served for 25 years in the Maine woods.  Its started out great and caught my interest so I really want to get back to it.
I have a fondness for our game wardens.  They do terrific work tending the wildlife in our state and if you haven't yet seen the TV program North Woods Law, you need to check it out.  It deals with all the things that go on in our woods.   I notice that lately under that title they are showing programs of the New Hampshire conservation officers (another name for game warden).  As our next-door neighbors their jobs are the same and I give them all credit where credit is due.
Good job men and women who serve our wildlife.  Thank you.

Have a good day everyone.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Halloween WHs in Progress

Today I managed to get the borders on 3 Halloween wall hangings.  I bought the fabric yesterday during my day of shopping with the gang on the Parks and Rec Bus.

Here is 'Witch in a Cauldron.'  Satin-stitched and with borders added.  I bought the border fabric at Walmart in a package of several different prints of 2.5 inch strips.  I wanted something that had some orange in it.

These are the two ghosts I made with fabric, again, bought yesterday because I really needed some orange.  When I moved here all my bright orange fabric was given away.  I needed to get a bit more.  Especially for orange pumpkins planned in a couple other wall hangings.

The next step is pinning, layering and quilting the wall hangings before I add the binding around the outside edges.  Then they will be done.  I'm hoping to get to that point soon.

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Halloween Is Coming!

I really needed to get back to sewing so I drew a few patterns for the Holiday and started my first one, Witch in a Cauldron wall hanging.

This is a rough tacking down of the pattern.  The witch's dress is purple, tho I see it looks sort of bluish in the photo.  The socks are red and blue.  The background is a light orange and cream.   I will add gold buckles to the shoes.
Its simple, but it says Halloween.  I just want a small wall hanging, about 10, x 12 inches or so to hang on my front door.
There's lots of stitching needed to finish this before I can add borders but if I am lucky, I will have it ready by next week, plenty of time for Halloween.
I also free-handed a few other patterns: two with different ghosts, one with a pumpkin and a cat side by side, one with a cat sitting inside a pumpkin, and that should be enuf for the holiday.
I have to buy some orange fabric, that's for sure.  It seems to be I bought some last year but I have yet to locate it among my stacks of cotton fabric. I know other quilters know what I mean.   I think a trip to the local quilt shop is needed next week.

On a positive note, I have lost 7 pounds of the six I gained eating good candy the last couple of months. Yes, I lost one more pound that I gained   I think I may have found my problem when it comes to weight loss.  
I get to craving food and can't help myself and have to pile it in.  But this time, along with limiting my portions and avoiding most snacks, I also cut way back on soda.
I knew that drinking diet drinks always made me crave more food instead of cutting back, but now I'm thinking that regular soda has the same effect, only to a lesser degree.  So that means I am limiting my soda intake to a glass every other day or so.  So far, its been a week, and I am not craving snacks as I had done always in the past.
So friends, cross your fingers for me.  I wanted to lose that extra 6 pounds before my regular checkup mid-Sept. but I really need to lose about 20-30 lbs more if I'm honest with myself.  
Maybe this will work out better for me.  I can only try.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Utility Cart Came Today

I've needed one of these but had to shop around for one with rubber wheels.  So many now are being made with plastic wheels and I don't care for plastic.  It may last forever in a landfill, but when it breaks there's no fixing plastic.

Mine is black and it holds 120 lbs so when I come home from shopping on the bus, I can unload right into it and bring my goods upstairs on the elevator.  It will make things easier.  We have one in the laundry room for anyone's use, but sometimes it is being used by someone bringing home their laundry.  There are a couple of other carts there, but smaller and no use to me and my amount of shopping bags.  I wanted my very own.

Here's a view of the wheels.  I wasn't sure I could put this together, only the wheels were needed to add with washers, springs, and cotter pins, but the directions were clear and it was easy.  I managed just fine.
I also added some large-sized name labels to the handles and the front placque so everyone will know this is a personal cart and not the laundry's.  I will keep it outside my apartment when not in use.

Have a good day.