Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tater Tots With Meat Loaf?

I keep hearing about folks making dishes with Tater Tots.  Meats and casseroles and all manner of dishes.  Sounds good.

I didn't have any Tater Tots but I DID have frozen Crispy Crowns made of Shredded Potato Rounds.  Hey, they looked the same to me, only a bit smaller.
I made up my meat loaf mixture.
Oiled the 6 large-size muffin pans.
Slipped 4 of the little Crowns in the bottom of each slot and topped with my meatloaf mixture.
Oven-Baked them as usual at 350*F for about a half hour or til the meat is done, as you like it.
When scooping out the meatloaf, I found the potatoes had broken down and looked more like hash.  It didn't hurt the flavor at all and the taters were cooked to perfection.  I think next time I will put more of the little Crowns under the meat, maybe 6 or 7 instead of the 4 I used this time.  IF I have the larger Tater Tots, maybe only 4 would be fine.  I have to admit that more potatoes for me is always a winner.

The whole thing was very tasty folks.   So even if you do not have Tater Tots, try what you have on hand, maybe some hash browns, maybe some little round crispy crowns, and see what you think.  It was a change from my thinly-sliced potatoes that I have to pre-cook in the pan for about 20 minutes (at 450*) before turning down the heat and adding the meatloaf.

Here in southern Maine, no snow in sight any longer but only in the 20sF during the day, but sunny.
Have a nice day. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Colleen, A Victorian Lady" is Finished

Just in time with her greens for St. Patrick's Day.  I have finished Colleen, A Victorian Lady just as this day of celebration nears.  She measures 15 inches square.  She's hanging on my front door as I write.
With her red hair and green gown, it seemed right to name her Colleen.  The Golden retriever at her side is in memory of our gal Daisy, who lived 13 years and brought joy to our hearts but crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago.  Such sadness that day but it was time.

Colleen is not my first Victorian Lady.  I made another some years back, my first.
Alicia, A Victorian Lady is her name and at 12 by 18.5 inches she hangs on an inside door.  I love the color turquoise and she looks so pretty in her ballroom finery.

I was reminded by a friend that I still have another Thru the Window WH on the books, this one a horse in pasture with waterfall, and maybe thru a barn doorway this time.  I need to get working on that one today.  I have just the place to hang it.  Its too large for my door, but a wall near my entryway will work fine and appear that I am looking outdoors from inside.

Have a nice day.

Thank Goodness Snowstorm Skylar is Heading Out to Sea

I have had my fill of winter storms, yes, truly I have.  I don't mind them in February, our usual month for such snow, but I like March to give me a little taste of spring, not winter.
When it petered out, we had 12" of the white stuff.  Oh yes, the land looks divine covered in all that white drapery.  I, luckily, did not have any power outages at all this month, for which I am grateful.
Here's some of the beauty Skylar left behind.....
These were all taken at 7 a.m. during our (dog and I) first walk of the day.

Penny, my corgi, tried to make a pathway for herself but it was hard going.

The river's bridge had its usual morning traffic, not heavy, but an occasional car or truck crossed into the next town.

The paper bark birches were covered in snow, hiding the peeling sheets of white bark.

Most of the trees were dressed in white.

At seven a.m. the lights are still on around here.

Happily with no power outages I was able to continue to work on my Victorian Lady.  The hardest part?   Trying to think of a name for her.  But with her wearing green and with red hair, I named her Colleen, a lovely Irish word meaning 'girl' which is so appropriate for St. Patrick's Day coming in a few days.

I was also able to cook some Italian sauce in which I had ground beef, steak, and chicken.  A plethora of good things to eat with my spaghetti for dinner last nite.  I may not be Italian, but I married into an Italian family and enjoy the tasty foods that come with the territory.   Mmmm good.

I have to get back to my sewing so I can post "Colleen" for you later today.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Snowstor Skylar Is Moving In

Another snowstorm for us.  March sure came in like a lion.
I forgot to take out my camera when dog and I took our noon walk, so took these thru my screens.
It was not snowing at 7 a.m. but at noon when we went out, it measured 3 1/2 inches of snow.
Unlike the prediction, it doesn't yet seem heavy at all.  Its powdery.  I hope it stays that way and we do not lose power.
Another view of the river and the back lawn.  They predict 8" to 12" today and tomorrow.

Its a good day to putter around with my sewing.  I am making a Victorian Lady for my door for St Patrick's Day.  In greens and she has red hair.  The border is a pretty bright green fabric that I really love.

I hope to have it finished tomorrow so will post it at that time.

Those in the path of Skylar, I hope you stay warm and well.

"Penny, My Corgi" Wall Hanging is finished.

I am thrilled to have this finished.  I have had it on the back burner much too long.

She measures 14 inches square.  The binding is done in the rollback method.  It sort of frames it.

I am thinking now of ordering a laser-cut project from Keepsake Quilting.  I have never worked on laser-cut patterns before.  It should be interesting.  I want one they have that's Christmasy and so cute with birdhouses and birds, and its on sale.  I must get it ordered before they are out of stock.

Have a nice day.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pepper Steak Sandwich

I had on hand some nice green sweet peppers, onions and some steak.  With a nice long Lucarelli-brand Italian sandwich roll, it begged togetherness.

With the steak sliced very thin and browned in olive oil, the peppers and onions sautéed, and a soft long roll, I had to enjoy a delicious Pepper Steak Sandwich today for lunch.  What else can a hungry gal do?  It was very satisfying.

Steak sandwiches can be jigged and tweaked to suit one's taste.  My favorite steak sandwich happened to be a Steak Supreme bought in Lawrence Mass. many years ago (early 1950s actually), at a take-out on Broadway across from the old mills.
It consisted of thinly-sliced steak, deli roast beef, a few slices of Genoa salami, along with sautéed peppers and onions, served on a long sub roll.   I've concocted different versions of this sandwich over the years, omitting one or two of the items, depending on what I had handy at the time.  In all cases, the steak sandwich was still delicious.

My secret seasoning?.......Allspice lightly sprinkled on the peppers and onions as they saute.

If you like steak, try some version of this sandwich above.  It is sure to please.

Have a nice day.

My Quilting Inspiration

I get in the mood to quilt and work on projects but not as often as I like.  I think I found a solution.
This is one of my favorite Wall Hangings, "Birches By the Sea" at 50.5 inches by 41 inches.  I hung it over my sewing machine corner which I can view even when I go to bed and wake up in the morning.
This was my 3rd effort working with birch trees, my favorite trees, in scenes.  I also loved living by the sea and I always loved having a flower garden, so I combined them all.

It seems to help me get in the mood to design or sew when I awake to this view.

Something I like to add to many of my wall hangings, are fairies, so I added a couple in the flower bed at the lower right of the quilt.

This is a closer view of the birches by the fence.  I finished this in April 2010 so it was a birthday present to myself when it was done.

Now I have another birch tree idea percolating in my brain, with a cat sitting at the base watching either a butterfly, or maybe my signature honey bees among some flowers.  The decision has not yet been finalized.

Have a nice day.