Friday, July 21, 2017

Our Canada Geese Family is Grown.

They came to visit our garden today and they are all grown up but still staying with Mom and Dad.  I think they may stay together and fly south when it starts to get cold.
One of their favorite things to do is graze on our riverside lawns.

When they've eaten their fill, they move closer to the river.
Every once in a while they stretch those wings and flutter them wide.  They sometimes just lie around enjoying some rest. 
A bit of preening goes a long way to making them so presentable and handsome.

But when the security guard comes in his automobile, on a signal from every watchful Dad, they head in single file into the reeds and down to the water's edge away from humans.
Its been wonderful watching this family grow the last couple of months, from little balls of fluff to tall adults with their true feathers and colors.
Have a Good Day.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christmas Cactus Care

Some folks I know have wondered how to care for the beautiful Christmas Cactus.  Though called a cactus, it is actually a succulent.

This is a lovely plant and if you want it to bloom specifically for Christmas, follow these rules....

​1.  Keep potbound in sandy soil.
​2.  Water only when soil is completely dry.
​3.  Provide some humidity to the environment.
4.  Don't worry about bud fall.....its normal
​5.  Budding Regimen......To bloom for Xmas, place in dark room, or under bag or box in late Sept or early Oct, for 12 hours a day.
6.  When buds appear, cease the dark treatment.
They prefer day temps in 70s and nites 55-50F best or as close as you can get it.
Spring.....Fertilize after flowering.
Summer.....Move outdoors to shady area and maintain water and fertilizer.
Fall.....Move indoors before frost.  Keep drier soil now.  Start budding regimen late Sept or early Oct.
Winter......Place plant in indirect sunlight 4-6 hrs a day.  Keep soil moist.  Humid environment.

These are the general rules for having that lovely plant blooming for Christmas. 
They come is such lovely colors as well.  Good luck.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Knobby Towels, A First For Me.

It kept me up early this morning, thinking about it.  How about making hanging dish towels for knobs.  I have drawers in my kitchen that could use a towel hanging handy.  So I got right up and wrote out the new directions for it.
Above is a pair I made post haste today to see how I like it and how its fits my kitchen knobs.  It works.

A close up of the holes for the knobs.  If you have large knobs, you can adjust the holes by skipping 2 stitches instead of one.  Mine fits fine with one skip.

I think this will keep me busy today.  I have nothing else planned for the day so I can make a few sets of these for Christmas goodies.

Its beautiful out today here in Maine.  Sunny and only in the high 60sF so it feels so lovely when walking the dog and a nice breeze off the river.

Have a Nice Day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I Have Baby Tomatoes!

Hooray, I finally see baby tomatoes on 3 of my plants and the other plant is full of yellow blossoms.  Remember, I live in Maine and they got a terribly late start this year with all the kerfluffall I had trying to get my tomato plant order shipped but bad weather in Oregon prevented that from happening so I bought local and very late.
Here's a Better Bush with a green baby tomato,

The other Better Bush also has one greenie that I could locate.

This one is the Patio tomato with a greenie right in the middle.

The flowers in the back garden are blooming as well and this is one of the bushes.

In the front garden the two Hosta garden areas are getting large and filling in with blossoms.  I'll try to get some photos soon.  I rarely go out the front entrance so miss the flowers in that area too often.

I also did a little sewing this weekend.  These are pillowcases I made for a couple of neck/knee pillows that came in the mail on Monday.  I tried one last night while I slept and it sure felt good for raising my knees to a comfy level.

Have a Wonderful 4th of July everyone.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The March of The Canada Geese

They looked so regimental today.  I caught the resident family of Canada Geese marching from one grazing area on our back lawn to the reservoir's greenery.....
With a parent in the front and one behind, the seven teenagers marched along from one grazing area to the next.  They are nearly full grown at this point, but still pretty much ordered about by their parents.  Not one of them wanders off alone.  I expect they will be flying soon.
Have a Good Day.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Container Garden is Doing Fine.

I am enjoying my container garden this year.  I had to cut back on gardening but having tomatoes in pots is fine with me.  I don't have to struggle as much with the garden efforts.
L to R: Patio, and two Better Bush maters.  All have yellow blossoms on them and each day I shake their branches at least twice so the pollen can disburse and make little tomatoes.

This one is Red Pride, the last of my four tomato containers.  It was the smallest, but its quickly outgrowing the others at this point.
We've had just enough rain so that I rarely have to water these.  They are keeping quite moist most of the time but of course, here in Maine, we don't have the blistering heat they have in the south.  That also means our warm-weather veggies take longer to come to harvest.

My favorite assistant gardener above, my corgi Penny always joins me.  She knows the routine; check out the maters and shake their limbs before going back indoors. 
These are L to R: Patio, two Better Bush and Red Pride on the right.  As you can see, all are very healthy with dark green leaves and sturdy branches very capable of hosting lots of tomatoes.

Have a Nice Day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The First Family Geese Are Now Teenagers.

 I hadn't see the Canada Geese Family for several days and wondered how they were doing.  Then it rained today, I mean it came down in buckets.  The First Family were out on our back lawn grazing.

They are really large and have their feathers now and their colors.  I'd say they are teenagers.

Here's one in front of his Mom and they were weaving their long necks back and forth and conversing together.   As you can see, baby is nearly as large as his Mom.

That's Dad on the right continuing his job as security guard.  He stands so rigid and keeps watch over his brood.

As you can see in this closer view, they are all nearly all in their colors and all feathered out, with the exception of a couple that must have been the later hatchlings in the group.  Still a lot of gray on them.
Have a Nice Day.