Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hoping To Get My Quilting MOJO Back.

I haven't done a quilting project in so long, I wonder if I still know how to operate my sewing machine.  LOL

Yes, I laugh, but I've been terrible about my sewing.  Before I moved to this new apt. I had a long wall of shelves, floor to ceiling, covered with fabric.  Knowing I was going to move, and at the time possibly to Florida taking all my earthly possessions in a small U-Haul, I gave away most of my fabric.  I must have filled at least a dozen of the largest trash bags full of fabric to give away.  They went to good homes, to quilters that would use much of the fabric for charity quilts so I was pleased about that.  But I was glad I had kept back enough fabric to start anew in my new abode, which happens to be in Maine beside a lovely river view.
When I moved into my small 1-bedroom apt., I just piled up the fabric without any order but the other day I sorted and sorted.  I have 2 drawers in my chest of drawers in the bedroom, filled with FQs, in order of color, from whites to blacks, even some flannels.
In my 2 wide shelving units, I sorted by color or subject, as in, landscapes, large florals, backings, special fabrics other than cottons, etc.  I have enough to get me going.
On the upper shelves I have quilt books, starch, and basting sprays along with small fabric pieces, special fabrics other than cotton, yellows, orange, pinks, and purples.

On these lower shelves I have whites, neutrals, blacks, landscape types, florals, backings, blues, and greens.  This isn't all my fabric.  There's also packing paper because I use a lot in my projects.  I have some fabrics sorted in plastic totes in my bedroom for special projects like Sleep Masks, Victorian Ladies, Stained Glass, Tote Bags, Fusions and Border Prints and of course, my WIPS.
I am so happy I kept back enough to get me going again. 
Yesterday I spent some time drawing a couple of future WHs I have in mind.  This home being smaller, I need some smaller WHs for it.  I now have to take the two ideas and make them larger on packing paper so I can make them in Replique (upside-down applique).

Its a dreary, gray day here with 2"-4" of snow expected later today.  We are having a whiter winter than usual.  Here Jan. is usually our coldest month with much sleet and icy roads and then Feb. is our snowstorm month where getting over a dozen inches at a time in normal.  Weather like this can be conducive to working on quilt projects.
Have a Good Day!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

We had 19.7 inches of snow the other da.

It wasn't even Jan yet and we got piled down with snow.  Unusual here in southern Maine this early in the season.
My parking lot after the plowman cleared off part of the lot.

The trees are covered in heavy snow.

The riverside is pristine in white.

With such heavy snow falling on limbs and wires, we lost power over a large section of Maine.
Over 100,000 lost their power.   We lost ours for 12 hours and our cable which for me included landline phone and internet, for 18 hours.
I was happy when the lights came on again.
Some would not expect power for up to 3days.