Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lovely weather for late spring!

We've had lovely weather here in southwest Maine this spring.  Temps in the 60s to 70sF are the norm this year and evenings down in the 50s so it cools off nicely.
I've been packing up to move.  The original thought is to move to Florida, but there seems to be problems with that at the moment so I don't know where I'll end up.  Might have to stay in Maine another year, but in an apartment, not here.  The house is being sold.
My hummers are back.  They are so adorable.  I love seeing them flitter here and there as they feed.  And we have a nest under the eaves of the garage this year.  Nor sure what bird yet.  A worried mom flies hither and yon when the garage door opens, but too fast for me to catch a good glimpse.  Haven't yet seen any nestlings and its too high up to see any eggs in the nest.
The Peonies and the Iris are in bloom.  The lilacs are pretty much fading away at this point.
Our Daisy, my son's Golden retriever, has been diagnosed with a bad case of Cancer of the spleen.  She's on meds that seem to be keeping her out of pain and in decent shape.  It will be a heartbreak to lose her.  Surgery would only give her a couple more weeks or even days of life, so that's not going to happen.  Why put her thru such trauma when it won't help.  She'll be 12 in early November while my corgi Penny will be 11 only a day difference in their birthdays.
Daisy spends her days with us (me and Penny) when the folks are working daily.  The kids are now grown and both have their own apts with friends, in the big city of Portland.  They are living the young and busy life of teens learning their way thru life but on their days off from work, they spend a good lot of time here with their dog they've had since she was a wee one.  They'll miss her terribly when she's gone.  The vet gave her a week to a couple months.  That's coming up on a month already since they found out just around Mother's Day.
I wish you all a lovely day today now that the rain has stopped and the sun is drying the grass, which I believe has grown 3 inches since the other day.  My son will have to mow it before it turns to hay.