Friday, January 22, 2016

Oven Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs

Funny calling these hard-boiled when they are actually baked.

Preheat your oven at 350-degrees F.
Place an egg in each round of a muffin tin.  You can make one or a dozen as you need.
You don't have to grease them or use cake liners, just set them in the muffin round.
Bake at 350*F for 30 mins.
Plunge the muffin tin under cold running water to cool down the eggs.
Then I lifted the eggs when they weren't as hot and put them in a bowl under the cold running water to continue cooling down the eggs.  It was easier for me to handle by transferring them.
Sorry the photo isn't clearer.  These centers are beautifully hard-cooked but the glare of the overhead lights spoiled my shot.  Anyway, they are perfectly cooked on the inside.  No more wondering if you've boiled them enough in the water on the stove. 
If you have the time, this is a good way to get perfect hard-boiled eggs, by baking them.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Love my Johnny Apple Peeler by Victorio

I bought this apple peeler mainly to peel potatoes.
I like to see how things work which makes it easier for me to handle them.  This is one of the videos on youtube which was clear as to its usage.
I have trouble with my thumbs these days so peeling anything, especially potatoes in the numbers I need them for mashed potatoes and for potato pancakes, has been a trial.
I bought this apple peeler because I knew it could be used for potatoes as well.
I highly recommend this for peeling.  Its made this chore much easier and faster for me.
I found that lopping off the small narrower ends of the potatoes to fit on the prongs evenly, works best.  Also taking your time and turning the handle slowly so the cutter can do its thing without bouncing about.
This is a kitchen gadget I plan to use often.
Have a Good Day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Yikes! We got 8" of Snow!

I really wasn't expecting this.  When I checked my weather site last Friday, there was no snow in site, just some rain.  Well, we got the rain but after one day of sunshine, we were hit yesterday with 8" of the white stuff.
My little dog had to lunge thru the snow to go out for a minute.  Luckily her big golden retriever cousin broke trail for her last nite for their evening outdoors visit. 

This morning I refilled the feeders and had to bring in the bird waterer to dump the frozen ice cakes and refill with warm water. 

Now I have to go out and fill one of the troughs with some grit/gravel so the birds can 'eat' their seeds.   The poor things have a difficult time here in Maine during the winters. 

I watched a cooking show, The Kitchen, yesterday and they showed other uses for the good old waffle iron.  I was amazed but then thought about it and wondered why it wasn't thought about sooner. 
How about using those leftover mashed potatoes.  Mix in a beaten egg, or maybe some sour cream and a few chives or green onions and drop four ice cream scoops into the quadrants to cook.  Looked tasty and was from the smiles on the guests' faces.
Then there are the womelettes.  Just mix up your favorite omelet mixture and pour onto the waffle iron. 
Have a nice apple hanging around?  Slice it about a quarter inch thick or more into rounds, sprinkle on some cinnamon, put 4 rounds on the waffler iron and cook.  Mmmmm,  another tasty treat.
And those packaged cinnamon rolls.  Place one on each of the 4 quadrants, lower the top and cook.  Put the topping in a small dish, add a bit of milk and powdered sugar and stir then place on the heating waffle iron lid to warm.  When the rolls are done, top with the warmed topping.  Mmmmmm another good one.
If one thinks of it, there are probably many other things one can make on their waffle iron so it doesn't just sit on the shelf waiting to make only waffles.  It can become a very useful kitchen tool these days.
                                      Have a Nice Day!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Its mighty cold here in Maine.

We're starting off the month with cold days.  This week our daytime temps will be in the teens but it'll warm up a bit the end of the week just before the snow is expected.
Good thing all my favorite TV shows return this month.  It makes having to stay home and indoors a much happier place.
I received my apple peeler which I will try for the first time when I buy some russet potatoes this week.  I'll post my results then. 
I'm sure it'll be nice having that chore so much easier and faster.

Nothing exciting happening here in cold country.  The dogs go out quickly for their nature calls and come right back indoors.  They aren't in any hurry to spend time outdoors. 

I keep the feeders full for the birds since the seeds freeze during the night and they need fresh warm seed they can eat.

I made a big pot of turkey rice soup with the last of my turkey yesterday.  I love hot soups in the winter and this was very good.  Shared with my family.  I also made homemade hamburg/pepperoni pizza which went down well.  Today I have to return books to the library and run a local errand or two. 
I hope everyone is snug in their homes and finding some way to enjoy their short days of winter.