Friday, October 14, 2016

I've Moved to a Small Senior Apt Facility.

I just want you to know, I love it here.  The view from my windows is of a lovely river with rocks in it and small rapids churning around them.  The trees right now are in their fall colors and divine, in reds, orange, and yellow along the river but the attached photo was taken just before the change.  There's a small dam here as well but its on the far edge so if it ever gave way, I guess our building is safe, being above the water line.
Behind the building, taken thru the screen, its hard to make out the view but its much nicer with eyes instead of a camera.

The 'green' area in the rear of the building where one can relax or walk the dog.  Yes, I was able to keep my Penny since she's under 20" at the shoulder.  And you know corgis, with those short munchkin legs, she fits the criteria.  That makes us both very happy.

This is the area out back in the
green' area, where residents can tend their personal potted plants, as you can see from several pots belonging to other residents.  A landscape firm tends all the rest of the grounds.  Many flowering bushes and huge pots of flowers are stationed out front of the building and 2 gardens of hostas out front as well.  I'm happy there is green around and not just pavements and brick. 

I'll miss the 7 acres I left behind and the dwarf fruit trees but I was desperate for a new home with the house being sold and other family issues there, and lucky me, I found a wonderful new home just in time. 
By the way, my Honey Crisp and Fuji apple trees did marvelously well this year.  Many given away to friends and relatives and of course, I enjoyed my share.  With the first frost coming tonite (30*F) I just finished picking the last of them.   MMMMmmmmm good!

I have my sewing machine set up, now I have to get all my supplies and fabrics and tools from my storage unit so I can get back to sewing.  You'll see more of my quilting projects than plants in future.  I hope to have a couple of potted plants to tend next spring, but that will be my limit, so I'll report on sewing, cooking and other things that may tweak your interest.
Hoping to check in soon with more news and pictures.
Hugs to you all.