Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's April 26th and its SNOWING!!!

I can hardly believe it, its snowing and quite hard, too.  So far about 4" of the white stuff and pretty and fluffy and thick and great for snowballs.
The birds were crowding and fighting at the covered feeder.  I guess all their lunch places are covered in snow so they can't eat their usual wild fare in the woods.
I just came indoors from sweeping a path to the feeders to clear them off and refill them.
I've seen juncos, purple martins and chickadees in abundance today.  Love to watch them.   Its still snowing so I may have to go out again and clear off the tray feeder that is exposed to the elements. I've done my usual 'chickadee...dee....dee' call and they are back again to feed.

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