Friday, May 22, 2009

I've got a few crops starting.....

Red lettuce to the left of one of my eggplants.

Spinach. I've already taken outside leaves off and enjoyed some in a salad.

Sugar Snap peas are getting tendrils and will be climbing the twine soon.

The first of my cauliflowers are heading up.

On the left are Brussel sprouts on the right is iceberg lettuce.
I'm so pleased to see crops starting. I also have potatoes sprouting and my Chippewa blueberries have a few growing and cabbage is up but not heading yet. Some of the tomatoes have yellow blossoms. I'm enjoying this square foot gardening immensely.

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  1. Very nice beds! My cauliflower is at about the same stage as yours. Isn't it exciting to grow so much yourself? Check out my blog and see the photos I've posted of my SFG. I found you on SFG's forum.