Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm making inroads with my beds....

My herb bed in the forefront with Rosemary, parsley and sweet Marjaram with water buckets warming in the noonday sun for watering my beds. One bucket is compost tea and one is alfalfa tea. More herbs are going in after the rain stops. I've tucked marigolds into one square in each bed. Nasturtiums will go in another sqare in each bed as well. The beds are 2 by 12 inches high by 4 ft wide.

I had to add my 6 Alpine strawberries to the annual flower bed. There wasn't room in their official bed this year. To the left is the potato patch and behind it is the future corn patch.

I got some Junebearers and everbearer strawberry plants and there were 2 plants to a pot which I didn't realize until I started planting, that's why the perennial Alpines had to be put elsewhere.

These are the 3 cauliflower and the spinach so far. My potato patch is behind this bed.
A general view. In the foreground are 3 Brussel sprouts. The little white fences are guarding the new blueberry bushes that border my garden area near the family's firepit.

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