Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I Love my Johnny Apple Peeler by Victorio

I bought this apple peeler mainly to peel potatoes.
I like to see how things work which makes it easier for me to handle them.  This is one of the videos on youtube which was clear as to its usage.
I have trouble with my thumbs these days so peeling anything, especially potatoes in the numbers I need them for mashed potatoes and for potato pancakes, has been a trial.
I bought this apple peeler because I knew it could be used for potatoes as well.
I highly recommend this for peeling.  Its made this chore much easier and faster for me.
I found that lopping off the small narrower ends of the potatoes to fit on the prongs evenly, works best.  Also taking your time and turning the handle slowly so the cutter can do its thing without bouncing about.
This is a kitchen gadget I plan to use often.
Have a Good Day!

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  1. So holy moly we have the same type of peeler. I used mine wrong too i guess because some how when Phil & i used it, it peeled the whole apple down to the core. I didn't get a cool apple spiral as shown in this instructional video. By the way thanks for sharing!!! I will have to do some practicing with mine lol. So glad you like it & i imagine you will make many great things using this!!! :-)