Monday, January 4, 2016

Its mighty cold here in Maine.

We're starting off the month with cold days.  This week our daytime temps will be in the teens but it'll warm up a bit the end of the week just before the snow is expected.
Good thing all my favorite TV shows return this month.  It makes having to stay home and indoors a much happier place.
I received my apple peeler which I will try for the first time when I buy some russet potatoes this week.  I'll post my results then. 
I'm sure it'll be nice having that chore so much easier and faster.

Nothing exciting happening here in cold country.  The dogs go out quickly for their nature calls and come right back indoors.  They aren't in any hurry to spend time outdoors. 

I keep the feeders full for the birds since the seeds freeze during the night and they need fresh warm seed they can eat.

I made a big pot of turkey rice soup with the last of my turkey yesterday.  I love hot soups in the winter and this was very good.  Shared with my family.  I also made homemade hamburg/pepperoni pizza which went down well.  Today I have to return books to the library and run a local errand or two. 
I hope everyone is snug in their homes and finding some way to enjoy their short days of winter.

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  1. I cannot wait to hear how it goes with your new peeler!! Our dogs are the opposite of yours, they don't seem to mind the cold but they do mind the rain, lol. Those outside animals are so lucky to have you be so very kind in being consistent with giving them their food!! You are a great soul!! Hope you have a wonderful day watching your shows!!! :-)