Saturday, March 12, 2016

Snowdrops are Blossoming!

When I see my Snowdrops perking up, I know spring can't be very far behind. 
Today, its sunny and in the 60sF here in southern Maine.  I'm lovin' it.  As I walked thru my gardens today to take stock, I see they sure need some clearing out of winter debris.
.....But by my kitchen door I was greeted by:
These Snowdrops are the very first flowers I see every season.
Their pretty white heads are bobbing in the sunshine today.  Fighting thru last year's bed of fallen leaves, they look pretty darn good today.
On a different note, here's a Diaper Cake my DDIL made for a friend.  Yes, its made all with diapers.  And yes, she made another cake for eating for the baby shower.  I just thought this 'cake' was cute and wanted to share.
I hope everyone is able to get out today and enjoy the bright sunshine.  We all need to get our Vitamin D today while we can.  I hear rain is coming in next week for a few days.  If we're lucky, we'll mist most of it.


  1. I agree that Winter made quite the mess. I've been picking up sticks & branches all over our yard. How lovely to be able see some pretty lil flowers blooming this early. Them Snow drops will be something i am going to look in to getting. You dil did a great job on that diaper cake! Glad you are out & about enjoying that beautiful sun.! :-)

  2. Thank you from Mary. She's a wiz with cakes.
    I have lots of clean up ahead of me.