Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here's my proposed garden/orchard spots.....

My proposed orchard area...... This is our driveway. I'll be planting 3 dwarf apple and 1 dwarf cherry tree in a row along the driveway after that Korean crab apple. The one barely seen in the front, far rt, was 'eaten' by my son's golden. I plan to put wire cages around my dwarf tree trunks to prevent that happening to the new trees. Taken today 4-5-09 in southwestern Maine.
My future Square Foot Garden area. This is facing north with the sun at my back at one pm 4-5-09. The snow is just about gone here. There's still some just out of camera range on the left. I have plenty of dry leaves to put in the composter, that big black monster. The ground is still too wet to remove sod. I hope to get to that next week then the nine 4' by 4' by 12" high raised beds will be knocked together.

This is facing east. The fire pit is next to the fifth wheel parked back here. That pole is the tether ball pole. I may put that to good use for growing something tall and sturdy. Not in my plans yet.

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