Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Its the end of April and my beds are about ready...

Here are my 9 raised beds amended and waiting for testing before planting.
There's no lumber sides, but this is a raised strawberry bed on the south side of the planked nine.
I also made a raised potato bed and to the rear of it my raised corn field. Both are about 5 feet wide to allow for the slant of the soil hill. Those buckets mark the area where I'll add an annual and glad bed since I have so much garden loam left over.
The mounds in an arc to the right are where the five blueberry bushes are going in. I have 3 Cheppewa right now ready to plant and I have two Patriot coming thru the mail next week.
Amazingly its 82 today (too hot this early in the season since our last frost date is around Mem'l Day). I did what I could in the morning and now I await tomorrow to put a few things in and get my garden going.
I'm thrilled to be starting a Square Foot Garden this year.

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