Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have you tried Alpine Strawberries?.

I wanted you to see how small are Alpine strawberries. See the penny on the paper towel with them and the baby carrot. Alpine reds are a bit tangier than regular ones but the size is perfect for adding to cereal and ice cream. The yellow ones are a bit larger and they have a taste similar to pineapple. I only have 3 plants each but will add more next spring. Alpines are perennials and don't take the care that regular ones need, like cutting back and cutting off runners and removing the mother plant, etc.
As usual, I picked more tomatoes, among them Romas, Early Girls, Big Boys, German Queen, small Red Husky and tiny Sweet 100s. I'll have to be making sauce in the next several days to preserve them.

I wanted to see how my onions are doing so I pulled up a few onions, both yellow and white and laid them in the sun to dry out. They are a medium size.
Its wonderful to have a garden of your own for fresh veggies. I'm enjoying this trip into Square Foot Gardening and hope to get some new radishes and lettuce in this weekend for the fall crops.

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