Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More of my roses are reblooming lately....

Before seeing the roses, check out these Golden Russet potatoes I dug up day before yesterday. I wanted to check them out. There was enough for my supper and that of my daughter's family. Mmmm good. I'll leave them along with the Kennebecs to grow a bit more.

This is lovely Crimson Falstaff, a deep red rose.
Here are a pair of them.
This bright pink is Portmerion.
This apricot is Teasing Georgia
This is in two shades, pink with a bit of yellow at the throat... Christopher Marlowe.
I love all my English David Austin Roses. They bloomed earlier in the summer and now they are starting their reblooming which will take them thru all of Sept and some of Oct, depending on the weather, in southwestern Maine.
My square foot garden is giving me lots of good food. Tonite we gathered cabbages and both sweet and hot peppers and more tomatoes. I'm so glad I had my son put in those 12" raised beds. They are giving us good crops.

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