Monday, November 30, 2009

No pictures to show, just comments....

Its the day before December and its been rainy and cold here in Maine. Today is a gray, rainy day once again but temps in the 40s so not bad.
The bad is my gardens are all taking their winter's naps.
I've covered my radishes and red lettuce rows with clear plastic hoping for some harvest, but their growth is at a stand-still for now. I'm thinking 'no more veggies this year' at this time.
My gardens now consist of my indoor plants; the flame violet I'm trying to root in a jar of water, the African violet not in bloom, prayer plant, a couple of ivies, a grassy-type plant, two orchids also not in bloom, and an Orange tree given to me 4 years ago that's never bloomed.
I got myself a plant-grow light this spring to start my garden seeds so that's now doing double duty for the house plants.
We'll see what we shall see. I hope to get something... anything blooming in the near future. I miss my gardens.

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