Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Worms are cozy for the winter....

This is the result of worm composting. I garnered a few 28-lb buckets of this healthy, chemical-free soil enrichment for my spring garden next spring. Its all the result of keeping a worm condo.
My worm condo is set up in my bathroom for the winter. In Sept I brought them in from their shady summer residence under the trees in the backyard. There are 2 additional floors to the condo, but I'm using only one floor now and the basement.

Their home has shredded newspapers, a bit of soil so they can use the bits for chewing, and of course, kitchen scraps.

The green garden tool is handy to move the coverings aside to add their food scraps and to check on their well-being. Worms don't like light, so they scramble below in a hurry.

I managed to catch a few unawares. The pink bits are well-fed worms doing their job for my veggie garden by making healthy, clean, vermicompost. The greens are chopped up canned green beans. No, they don't smell. They don't get loose either. I secure a small piece of pantyhose over the liquid drain spout with a rubber band so no critters can get free. The drain removes excess water and the liquid compost is terrific for container/potted plants during the winter. In the summer my flower garden benefits from the liquid compost.

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  1. Can you please tell me more about how you set this worm composter up? What are your containers? I would love to do this. I recycle all I can, but usually just bury my vegie stuff in the chopped leaf beds I keep at the back of my property. Thanks for sharing!