Monday, November 9, 2009

Winter is almost upon us....

Most of my garden beds look like these, asleep for the winter.
But in one corner I have some mini red cabbages still producing.

Here you can see the clover starting to grow. I recently seeded it in the potato patch for green manure in the spring.

Here's some red lettuce growing. It's been over 3 wks since sown and until now I thought they were frozen.

Radishes are sprouting that was also reseeded about 3 wks ago. Our cold nites have been instrumental in slowing the growth a lot. I don't know if I'll get any edible radishes from this lot, but I'm trying.
We've had very cold nites, some at the freezing point. I've covered my beds nites for the really cold times shortly after sowing the seeds. We're expecting a few good days, in the 5os and 60s, so maybe I'll still get something from my garden. One can only hope.
For now I'm busy filling my compost barrel so it can overwinter and hopefully produce some nice compost come spring. That's taking priority in my garden right now....that and replanning my garden for next year. I'm already eager to get the spring catalogs.

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