Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our First Snow of the Season!

At eleven o'clock last nite , Dec 5th, my corgi and son's golden were checking out the first snowfall of the season.
At eight this morning, and five inches of the white stuff, this is the view of my flower garden.

The trees are lovely and the sky is blue today. More is expected for the next 4 days. I hope its only a scattering here and there.

These are my Black-eyed Susans (Rudbekkia) in foreground, rose bush in background and my birdbath. Behind the birdbath is a Peony.
Living in the north country we expect a lot of snow....and we get it. Last year our first snow was in Nov. so it held off a bit this year. Its great as the cheapest compost for the gardens, keeping the winds from destroying many bushes and plants and giving them a warmer blanket than no snow at all. I don't mind as long as I don't have to drive in it. Today I'm inside working on sewing projects and Christmas goodies for the freezer so its no problem.

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