Sunday, November 15, 2015

A few more pairs of towels.

I've finished a few more pairs of towels. 
A few more towel sets to put in the Turkey-Day basket for guests.
This is the rough drawing from which I make my wallhangings.  I draw a scene the way I want it, and then use it for the final product.  The fabric is layered on the backside of this sheet of paper and stitched.  That's why I love this technique.  Its not difficult at all.
This is what you see on the front side.  Of course, this one isn't finished yet. 
This is the first replique piece I worked on.  It took first place in the applique division of a quilt show some years ago.
I've made several wallhangings in all sizes since then and love every minute of it.
Butterfly Garden is one I finished most recently.
Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. I can definitely say that i can see why your lovely art takes first place!! You do a magnificent job!! I am thinking of taking up crocheting this Winter. It is something i've tried before & did okay but it was too tight. Luckily kind folks have given some advice over the years & so i am going to give it a go again, wish me luck!! Maybe i could make you something if i get the hang of it!! It'll be awhile though because i won't be getting the things to crochet until Christmas, it will be a gift from my son & husband!! I am very excited to get it, i cannot wait!!! Hope you have a great day dear friend!!! :-) <3

  2. I love having different methods of creativity depending on how I feel or what pattern has caught my eye. I crocheted sweaters in the past and they were pretty, but they aren't as soft as knitted ones. I've knit scenic ski sweaters for everyone in my family before. They were very warm and great for skiing. Big job tho. So working with yarn can be fun and there's so many avenues to take. Try it, you'll like it.