Monday, November 23, 2015

Computer problems

I can't post pictures but this time its my picture downloading system.  The window changed when I upload from my camera and even tho it says they have been downloaded, I can't find them on my computer.  I just wish Win10 would stop changing things willy nilly. It didn't change from anything I did or changed.  Since its on my computer and not thru Explorer or Edge, its frustrating right now.

But I can still type so that's a blessing.  I'm preparing for adding my food to our Thanksgiving menu.  We will be at least 18, probably more, and there will be 3 birds made.  I'll stuff one of mine with sausage stuffing and my DDIL will deep fry one of mine and make Italian stuffing in a casserole dish.  Her brother is bringing the other turkey.  We like to have lots of food for folks to take home leftovers.
This year we're having lots of time for appetizers.  Mine will be pepperoni rollups which are usually well received. I understand there will be plenty.  The idea is to keep them all happy while the main turkey course is finished and food set out.   My other dish will be mashed potatoes.  This, too, is well received at dinners.

Tip on making tasty mashed potatoes:
Use peeled Russets, each cut into several pieces, and fill pot to just covering the taters.  Add 1-3 teaspoons of salt to the water, depending on how big a pot you're making.   Boil them over medium heat til they are tender.  Drain.
Put them back into the same hot pot (now empty) and place over the burner to help dry out the potatoes.  Its the wetness that makes them gummy. I stir them around over the hot burner with a wooden spoon for a few minutes to release the dampness.
Remove pot from heat.
I add butter, mash just a little til melted, then add cream and milk and mash some more, moving the masher in a clock-wise direction around the pot.  I use any old-fashioned masher available.  Salt and pepper to taste.  At the end I take a wire whisk and whisk those taters till they are smooth.  Add a bit more milk if the taters feel too thick.
If you don't have cream, try coffee creamer or a bit of sour cream for richness.
Note:  I never use a mixer.  It breaks down the potatoes too much which in turn lessens their rich flavor.

I know that everyone coming to our house on Turkey-Day will be bringing a side dish so we'll have plenty to share.  Some are bringing desserts, others side dishes, some appetizers, and some just themselves.

I hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving and have reason to be thankful for the food on your table this year, whether friends and family join you or not.                  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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  1. I will have to try your version of mashed taters sometime for it does sound good!! Also i never knew that about the moisture, or cream. Thanks for the recipe!!! Hope your day was awesome!!!! :-)