Saturday, February 13, 2016

Covering My Bird Feeder.

I have a flat tray feeder which gets covered in snow and wet with rain as the weather changes.  I always have to clean out the old stuff and add new seeds because of this.
A few years back I covered my hummer feeders with inverted plastic plant pot trays to keep off the rain which diluted the sugar-water as it filled the little holes.  They worked fine so that light-bulb moment happened again.
I hurried out to buy a pot tray to try.
By putting a tiny hole in the top center, I slipped it over the hanging hook.  This is the largest one I could find at the store and I think it will work pretty well.
It keeps the snow and rain from covering this tray now.  The little red peanut butter jar cap in the feeder I fill with bird gravel and grit (from the pet store) so they have something to use to 'chew' their food.  When the ground is covered with snow, they can't find grit easily which they need for 'chewing' at meal times. 
And I got a surprise myself last night. 
One view of the vase of flowers I got from my kids for Valentine's Day.
Another view to see more of the pretty flowers included.  I have to admit they were a complete surprise.  I'm thrilled and the smile on my face goes from ear to ear.  Thank you kids.

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