Friday, February 5, 2016

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We're having a bit of snow today.  So far I measured 4 plus inches with more falling.  My little corgi is enjoying running around in the fluffy white stuff.
The trees look like they are frosted.
The flower bed is coated and the Monarda from fall are looking like blossoms of white snow on their tall stems.
The bird feeders are covered once again with snow.  I have been out there once brushing off the snow for the birds, but I see they are covered again.
My little darling, my corgi Penny, is loving every minute of it.  As long as she can dash thru the snow she loves it.  With her double coat she isn't bothered by the cold or the snow.  The snow just sits on top of her fur so she's safe in snow.  Her only problem is getting lost in it when it gets too deep because she has such short legs.  That's why her buddy, my son's Golden Retriever Daisy, is such a great pal.  She always breaks trail for my gal and the two blonds enjoy their ventures outdoors together.
Today is a nice day to stay inside so I made homemade pizza and sent some upstairs to share.  We all love homemade pizza.
Yesterday I went to my friend's house to show her how to use her Johnny Apple Peeler which she ordered.  She loves making her own applesauce and this kitchen gadget makes short work of the process.
I hope you are all safe and secure during this snow.

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  1. That is so sweet to see your Penny enjoying the snow!! Our blk lab Ruger loves it too!! He chases Connor down the back hill & grabs his sled & brings back to the top for him. They both have a blast. I am having troubles with my peeler & i watched the video but still having problems with it. Mine is a cheap version i got at the Christmas tree store, so i don't know if thats the cause of not being able to use it properly, who knows. But i am not giving up on it, at least not just yet! I plan on growing Monarda this year because i think they are a very interesting looking flower. Last night i made no bake cookies & even though i didn't have enough cocoa powder & i melted the PB in the pot instead of mixing it in after with the oats they still came out pretty good. Hope all is well with you dear friend!!! <3 :-)