Friday, July 3, 2009

My latest views on July Maine...

I have 5 blueberry bushes to the right of my raised beds. This is Chippewa showing berries.
This is what a broccoli looks like when it starts growing.
In front there's 3 Brussel sprouts with iceberg lettuce under netting, two sweet peppers next to the netting and the snow peas starting their climb on the trellis behind.
These are my 6 Early Jersey Wakefield cabbages, the biggies, with mini red cabbage to their right. In back, along the trellis, are more tomato plants.
This cauliflower, White Cloud, is heading up so I use clothespins to pin the long leaves over it to keep it white. This is a small-head variety so when that head is about 6" across, its time to harvest it. I'm thinking next week we'll have cauliflower for supper. Again, see the DVD disks hanging alongside to deter the deer. Its worked so far. I had some deer damage to a couple of 'Sweet 100' tomatoes over a week ago but none since I put up the disks. These are from advt that came in the mail to get AOL mostly. I saved them over 4 years. I knew they'd come in handy if I ever had a veggie garden.

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  1. What a great idea to recycle the discs to keep the deer away!

    Your garden looks super!