Friday, July 3, 2009

This is my garden on July Maine.

Long view of my garden beds. The arrow is pointing to the DVD disks that are hung on poles to deter deer. I have 5 poles along that side toward the woods and also some hung between beds. That's my regular strawberry bed in the front behind the short white fencing.
My herb bed has as assortment: sage, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, two kinds of parsley, with the tall ones being dill and basil right in front of it. In the back along the trellis I have a couple of tomato plants.
I keep my iceberg-type lettuce under shade netting. I removed a bit so you could see. The rains are bringing me some brown lettuce leaves. I'm hoping for more sunshine soon. The plant to the right is a Brussel sprout, again with the marigolds.
In this bed there's marigold and nasturtiums on the ends with white onions in the center front. In the next rows I have several green peppers and the back row along the trellis has 4 cucumber plants.
My peas, sugar and snap varieties, have grown so much in the rain that I'm going to have to train them back over the top. That top twine is nearly 7 feet above ground. In front are 6 broccoli plants that are just now showing some broccoli heads.

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