Friday, July 3, 2009

My garden today, July 3rd....

Lettuce under netting with yellow and green bell peppers to its right. Behind along the twine trellis is pole beans on the left with lighter leaves, and snow peas on the right with lots of blossoms.
My Potato patch is lots of green but no blossoms yet.
In my annual flower bed I also have Alpine Strawberries that are covered with several blossoms.
Swiss chard in front with 4 eggplants behind. I have nasturtiums in the right front square of every bed to repel bugs.
This is one of my two zucchini, Black Beauty, with marigolds in the left front square. I have marigolds in all the front left sqs, again, to repel bugs. Under the plastic are my cantaloupe plants. We're still having cool nites besides rain day after day after day.

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