Monday, December 14, 2015

Dark-eyed Junco

With my DDIL's help, I was able to get these pictures for you.  I had a visit from a half dozen Dark-eyed Junco birds yesterday and they are lovely. 
These little guys are a pretty slate gray with a light beak and light belly.
Here's another view of one so you can see its belly.  They also have some white in their tail feathers.
What was unusual about my visitors is that they were all gathering the fallen seed on the ground.  The other birds like the larger seeds better and scratch much of the small seeds out of the 2 feeders.  These birds seem to thrive on the scattered seed or else they are wary of feeders, for they only ate the seed on the ground.
I'm very glad to have seen them and taken a couple pictures.  I hope I see more of them thru the winter.
Have A Great Day!

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