Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm getting blossoms....

This is the view of my 9 raised beds yesterday with the strawberry row, Quinault and Sequoias, in front. The white circles in front of the fence are a string of solar-powered lights that change colors in the evenings. I'm hoping they might keep some of the critters at bay. My wooden sides are 12" spruce boards cut in 4-foot lengths. My trellises are 7-ft fence posts bought at Home Depot for $5.90 each and pushed a foot into the ground inside 6 of my raised beds. I used sisal twine for the vines and the tomatoes.
My White Cloud Cauliflower is heading up. I only have 2 left. One already came to the table a couple weeks ago. Why it was so early, I'll never know, but it surprised us....and tasted great.
My Boston Pickling Cucumbers had lots of blossoms yesterday. That's a still very young Lemon Cucumber just to its right.
Yesterday I had myself a great big salad. The radishes are White-Tipped, Cherry Belles and the whites are Ping Pongs. The greens are Red Sails and Simpson lettuce leaves. I had to add a store-bought tomato since my toms are just yellow blossoms now.
My Ichiban Eggplant has a nice purple blossom. I guess I'll have at least one of them in the near future.
This first effort into square foot gardening has been a pleasure. No heavy duty weeding. I just pull the newest weeds poking up their heads a little each day. I use mown grass for my mulch. After every mowing I'm out there with a child's the rake getting the swaths that kick out of my son's riding mower.

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