Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bissell "Featherweight", Now Do I Love Thee

My report on this little wizard, is a 'thumbs up' for sure.
I am older and weaker than I was a few years ago.  My old vacuum was too heavy to drag around and even setting it up was getting difficult.  What does one do in such cases?
One finds a way.....
Above is my new Bissell "Featherweight" which truly lives up to its name.  It was a joy to push around the carpeting.  So light and easy.  The fact that it has a cup for dirt was another plus I liked.  No more dirty bags to deal with in emptying.

 This is the section that can be removed it one wants to zip over the upholstery or in between the sofa cushions for a quick clean-up.  Just push a button and it comes apart.  Easy Peasy.  I love easy.

This is the blurb in Dr Leonards catalog.  I liked the weight, I liked the idea of a dirt cup.  Why not try it.  If it didn't work out, I could send it back.
This little baby will NOT be going back.  I really like it.  It makes quick work of my limited carpet areas, only the living room and bedroom.  I live alone with only a dog for company.  Its a great way to suck up the dog hair every day in only a few minutes time.  Emptying the dirt cup is a breeze and there's a filter to keep the air clean.  What's not to like.
I get a catalog from Dr Leonard's quite often, but if you want a fast purchase, just go to  drleonards.com and check out their items.
In all the years I've done business with them, I've only sent back one item, a small exercise bicycle that fell apart on its first use.  It was the kind where you sit in a chair and only use your feet on the pedals.  They didn't quibble.  I got my money back right away.

Nice day here but overcast.  I love the fact that it is cooler, only in the 60sF.  This week will be pretty comfy around here.  We got a nice rain shower last nite that petered out early this morning.  Much needed, that shower. 
I don't even have a fan going at this moment and its nearly noon.  Nites have been in the 50sF so even when the days are sunny with high 70s to low 80s, the cooler evening bring the temps back into line.  Nice weather.

Have a good day.

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