Saturday, August 5, 2017

I Love Using A Pill Dispenser.

For years now I took my daily pills and vitamins daily, taking them out of their bottles, one after the other and swallowing them down.
Today I use a Pill Dispenser.  I've had a couple, two too small for my portions and this one a larger one that has space for daily morning and daily afternoon or evening pills.  I love it.  It cost me a buck at Dollar Tree and it has removable lids so it is easily refilled each week.
Here's my dispenser with my bottles of daily pills and vitamins alongside.  Refilling it only once a week is so time-saving.

This is a close-up of my compartments filled for the week.  I have only one Potassium tablet to take in the evenings.   I love that the lids are removable.  Its just a matter of counting your pills and dropping them in the slots....1, 2, 3 etc.

Lids closed up and dispenser ready for another week of easy, peasy.

On the garden front, my tomato containers are still sporting only green fruits.
tomato containers
From Left to Right:  Patio, 2 Better Bush and my Red Pride.
All still green.  That's what happens when one gets a too late start to the season.  Usually I am transplanting tomatoes before Memorial Day each spring, but this year it was well into June before I bought them locally.
I've harvested Oregon Spring tomatoes (which can be transplanted outdoors 4 weeks BEFORE our last frost date), before the end of June in the past, but their flavor, alas, was not the best in my opinion.  I like rich, juicy flavor for my home-grown tomatoes.  Not having fresh fruits in July is very unusual for me.  I just hope the flavor is worth the long wait this year.

Have a Good Day.

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