Sunday, August 6, 2017

Fresh Blueberries

I got a terrific gift from a good neighbor yesterday.  She picked fresh blueberries and kindly brought me a pint.
Don't they look divine.

Their size is great as well.  In Maine there is nothing like fresh blueberries.  Its one of the crops we grow well in this state, second after Maine potatoes.

I like them fresh eaten without a muffin or pie to honor them, just from my hand.  A bit of whipped cream doesn't hurt either, but alas, I am out of whipped cream.

Thank you Estelle.  You made my day.

I checked the weather for the coming week and it will be very nice indeed.  Days in the 70sF and nites in the 50sF which is ideal in my book.  No rain in site now after last nite's little bit, until a week ahead when temps will return to the low to mid-80sF.

Walking the dog last nite near midnight, the air was cool and brisk.  No air conditioning needed today, just a fan to move the air a bit.  Outdoors on our noon walk, the breeze was terrific and one needed a sleeve to be comfy.  If one opened a window, the breeze was so cooling and divine.

Have a good day everyone.

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