Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A nice day to take pictures, overcast....

In front of the sugar and snap peas are 5 Packman Broccoli plants. I have marigolds in the left frt sqs and nasturtiums in the rt frt sqs to repel some bugs. I hope it works. So far so good.

Some of my corn, Sugar Buns, sprouting.
Left is Boston Pickling Cucumber and to its right is a Lemon Cucumber. I also have another pickling and a burpless in this row to the right but not in the picture.

Left is White onions with nasturtiums in frt on the rt, then carrots both Mokum and Napoli, and behind the carrots and onions are sweet peppers. I keep water in the white buckets spaced around my garden so I can water the plants easily and with sun-warmed water (when the sun shines, that is).
With all our rain lately, I don't expect to have to water them for over a week since we're going to have rain showers each and every day to some extent.

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