Monday, June 8, 2009

Progress in my garden as of today....

Six Broccoli plants in center and both sugar and snap peas on twine.
This is the zucchini Black Beauty under black paper mulch with cantaloupe plants under clear plastic cages and tomatoes to their right. A small cabbage plant is in the right corner with the zucchini.
In the center raised bed are 6 Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbages with tomatoes on the twine to their left.
A view from the front with cabbages in front box and 3 cauliflower in the next box.
Three Brussel sprouts in the front with lettuces under the shade cages with peas on the twine behind them. You can't see the pole beans that are directly behind the netted cages.
To deter insects I have marigolds planted in the left front square of each raised bed and nasturtium seeds in all the front right squares. In some case the nasturtiums share the square with a veggie, but rarely.
I have 17 tomato plants, most in the raised beds but a couple in pots in my rose garden. Only 4 pairs are the same variety. I hope to have enuf to contribute to our local town Food Pantry after harvest.
I'm loving this square foot garden method so far.
Have harvested cauliflower, spinach, two kinds of lettuces, and a few strawberries. All tasted superb and so much better than the store-bought since they were all so fresh from the garden.

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