Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Homemade Wooden Magnets

There's a nice 94-year-old gentleman who lives on Cape Cod, a friend of a friend, who makes lovely wooden magnets. 
I was the happy recipient of one this week.

Here's the horse head magnet I received.  Its a buckskin which is a favorite color horse for me after the palomino.  I adore this and it will have a special place on my fridge.  My fridge is not covered by dozens of magnets, but just a few treasured items.
This one of a cat I got last year in memory of the cat I lost when he was 21 years old.    These magnets are very well made.                      
                                           Thank You Sam.

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  1. Does he do a bit of wood burning on these? It looks like he might have wood burned the details. I have a couple pyro pens myself because i like to do some pyrography now and then! He does a very, very nice job!! It is nice to have people who keep you in their thoughts and hearts and when we need a lift in spirits, do just that in their own caring way! You are a blessed lady, hope you have a great day!