Friday, August 14, 2015

My First Bee Sting!

I'm into the last of my years on this Earth, and I finally suffered my very FIRST Bee Sting!   It hurt!
I was putting a refilled hummer feeder on its hook and moved my arm against my chest.  Well, a bee or a hornet must have been sitting there or taking a shortcut between me and a flower because I felt a sharp prick and brushed at something on my shirt so quickly I couldn't make it out.  Looked at my arm, and there was a tiny hole in my forearm with a red bit beginning to show.
I quickly came indoors, washed the area, added Bactine to it, then went looking for the baking soda.  Made a paste of that and slathered it on my forearm.
There was a small swelling popping up but not much.  The sting was gone within minutes so its not hurting.  I guess I'm not allergic because no reactions happening now after an hour. 
If it was a bee, I'm so sorry for it because it will have lost its life in its own defense.  A small hornet would live. I'm thinking maybe a small hornet or yellow jacket because I notice them now and again around the hummer feeders.
I'll never know what little critter I disturbed suddenly.
Anyway, the hummers have their refills for the day and are very happy and I had something new to post today.
Happy Gardening!


  1. Whoah your arm looks like it definitely hurt! Is the bumpiness on your arm the paste you put on or is that from the sting itself? I hope this does not happen to you again anytime soon or ever!! Bees seem to be more tolerant to sting, probably because of them dying from it. It's too bad the same don't happen to wasps and others like it! Glad your okay now. Sorry that happened!! :-( May you have a much better day for the rest of it! :-)

  2. The sting itself is under that layer of baking soda and water paste. No bumpiness in the sting. A mall swelling only that disappeared by the next day.

  3. Oh that is good to know and glad to know it was pretty much gone by the next day! Boy you are one lucky lady to have not gotten stung up til recently! Have a good day!! :-)