Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Its Raining Hummers!

We're having a rain shower right now but that doesn't stop my family of Hummers from feeding.
The Monarda is blooming beautifully and the Hummers feed on them daily.  But this morning they are flitting around the 2 hummer feeders even in the light rain shower.
Here's one coming in for a dip with her green back to me.
Here's an unusual view.  Hummer is coming in on her side heading for the feeder.
Here's a clear view of one feeding.
In this one she's just resting on the rim while the rain patters down on her head.  A light rain doesn't stop them and with the temps in the high 60s its very comfortable outside today.
They used to fly away when I came outside but now they do acrobatics around my head and flitter left and right in front of me, showing off I'm thinking.  When I refill a feeder, I call to them and in minutes they are flitting at the refilled feeder.  Very happy little birds and well fed, too.  I'm enjoying my family of hummers this year.  I've only seen 3 at the same time so I'm sure its the same little family that started with two earlier this season.
Happy Gardening!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. My hummers are not afraid of me any longer.

  2. They know you give them food and so I think they were thanking you for doing so! I love these, I could look at Hummers all day long, they are so tiny, colorful and beautiful!