Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

One of the family celebrated a 16th Birthday this month so there was cake and ice cream at our house on Tuesday night.
My Darling Daughter-in-Law made a beautiful special cake for the occasion.  She has a talent and takes a lot of time and attention to detail to get these cakes just right.
Isn't this just gorgeous.  This was taken before the candles went on the cake.  And it was delicious as well.  Layers of both chocolate and vanilla cake inside.
This same DIL had to have her kidney stones blasted today.  My son brought her into the hospital at seven thirty this morning and she was home at three p.m.   The doctor said he got all of them and they were all blasted to powder so we are very happy about that.
That deserved a Get Well card and two plants to cheer her up.  On the left is an African Violet and on the right a bright pink Kalanchoe plant. 
I made lasagna for dinner tonite for the whole family and invited her Mother to join us.  There was a salad made with tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden and lettuce.  I also drove to the bakery this morning to get our favorite fresh Crusty Italian bread to have with our meal.
All pronounced it a good meal and we had lots of chatting around the dinner table for a couple hours. 
DIL is doing very well and will stay home from work tomorrow and spend it resting at the lake for the day and then the weekend.  Monday morning she'll be back at work.
Here are three of the little cukes I picked from my Spacemaster plant.  Very tasty little darlings, too.  Sweet and juicy and crunchy. 
Its nice to see crops coming from the home garden at last.  Only a couple months left for us in Maine so I'll take advantage of it and have fresh salads every day now.
                  Happy Gardening!


  1. Your DIL definitely does make beautiful cakes! I bet she loved the flowers, I hope she is resting up well! I too have been able to get some cukes, though they are growing weird and not as many as I usually get but some nonetheless! Glad to hear all is well on your end! Happy day friend!

  2. My cukes are on 2 small container-size plants, Spacemaster and Bush Crop with Bush Crop's being smaller but crunchy and tasty.