Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Dance of the Hummers

At last my little visitors are being cooperative so I have some pix to post.
Can you see her feeding on the Monarda.  Center of the photo with her long bill spearing a blossom.
In this one you can see her tail hanging down low on the left of the biggest flower in the center.  She's sipping in the flower.
I love this one of her in flight feeding.
This one is lovely with her wings widespread and hovering.
In this one the photographer could have done better.  Another female is resting on top of the pole with her belly stuck forward as she was preening.
Its times like this I wish I were a better photographer.
Amazingly, these were taken with the hummer knowing I was standing there in my doorway only a few feet away in the feeding shots.  In fact, she flew past me a couple times before settling to feed.  I think she must know I won't hurt her since I've been doing her bidding when she wants fresh sugar water after the ants find it.  I put the feeders on a different pole each time I change it so the ants aren't around in the beginning.
Happy Gardening friends!


  1. Wow so many new pics..amazing that the hummingbird is letting you take pics of them.

  2. Very nice and I am so glad you were finally able to get these!