Monday, February 13, 2017

A typical Feb. with snow, snow, snow.

We in Maine are being inundated with the snow we always expect in February.
Its also finally gotten much colder after an unusually warm Jan.
Out my window I can see the Presumpscot River flowing past.  Right now its pretty much frozen over except for the slight open section you see above.  The rocks are covered with snow, too.
Even the falls are frozen icicles.  You can see them between what looks like stairs in the photo, upper right, and the frozen top layer of the reservoir in front.  Here, too, there is a bit of open water in the reservoir.
This morning it was still snowing at 6 am when dog and I went for our walk which was very, very limited with 12" of new snow in our path.  Someone had shoveled in front of our entrance a few hours before so it was only about 3" deep so we didn't venture further than that area.  The wind had slowed down to barely blowing which was nice.
What's next?  Well, more snow of course.  Today is Monday and snow expected tomorrow on Tues, though not very much, but on Thursday another 6-7" is acomin'.  Yikes, its good to be retired and not have to get out on the road to get to work.   Its bad enough having to clear off our cars to accommodate our snow plow man but with snow every day, we've been told to leave them where they are another day.  Whew, that's good news.  I don't have to jockey mine back and forth another day.
I hope wherever you live, you are managing this winter with its snow and ice.  Be well.

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  1. Well we've been lucky to have had a kind person plow our drive the last couple decent storms. So all we had to really do was our walk way & mail box. WE also have to move our car for him when he plows. So i know what you mean about jockeying your car around. Great pics btw :-) take care