Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another storm behind us.

We've had too much snow for my liking.  I don't enjoy shoveling and scraping after each snow.   Then having to move my car to the other side of the parking lot so it can get plowed.  I really miss my son's garage.  I've been spoiled the last 12 winters.
The view out our front entry.  Too much snow.

The plowman doesn't  know where to shove this new stuff.  He's been moving it to the end of the parking spaces which means we are losing spaces so jockeying our cars back and forth is a big headache.

Out our back entry this is the view.  Our garden is covered with snow.  Nothing has been removed or shoveled out here.  Its not a priority these days.  The trees are truly lovely with that thick snow on the branches.  The river is just a thin sliver in the background. Most is frozen over as is the reservoir. 

This was our lot after the first 12 inches of the storm on the 12th.

Thankfully the weather report is just an inch of snow tonite and then clear sailing for several days.  We'll need it to rest up.
Traditionally, President's Week gives us a couple of whoppers.  That's still to come.  Til then I'll enjoy the hot cocoa and snacks and do crosswords and read for a few days.  Tonite is Movie Nite so I have to take a drink and a snack to join the group in our Gathering Room.
Have a good day!

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