Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another spring-like day here in Maine.

Its so nice to see the weather improving.  My dog Penny and I go out and sit on a bench beside the road to watch folks heading off for work in the morning and beside the river to watch the water fall and the drift of the current.  Its so peaceful.  I'm thinking spring and have plans to put a few tomato plants in containers along with some lettuce and maybe some herbs.
I know that I can plant lettuce and cut it back to about an inch to eat it fresh, and the plants will regrow new leaves in a couple of weeks. 
As for herbs, I'm thinking thyme, my favorite of fresh herbs, and maybe some parsley and cilantro will work well in pots.
It can't hurt to dream of spring. 
Have a good day.


  1. I am dreaming of spring as well. I did get a seed starter tray al walmart yesterday. In the hopes that I soon will start some seeds. I saved artichoke seeds last year, and excited to see how well i can get them going. I just hope my other three that i have made it thru our harsh winter this year

  2. That's what I will really miss, seed starting. I loved trying new varieties and enjoyed watching the little seeds sprout under the hanging daylight bulbs on the heating mat. I gave all that equipt away when I knew I'd move to an apt. I sure will miss it but I know I an be happy with maybe a half dozen containers or less.

  3. I hear yah i have been getting excited of the thought of Spring thaw & seeds & all that good stuff. It has been nice having the warmer days even though it is going back to Winter again before we get official Spring weather. Glad to hear your days are spent with enthusiasm & quilting :-)