Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Its February. Winter is still upon us.

We had a strange January this year.  Lots of snow in December, then less in January and some rather warm days.  I wonder what Feb will bring.  Usually its lots of snow.  So far today we're getting a dribbling of snow.  They tell us maybe 3" total this time and then none for at least a week.

I have a few tips on making equal portions when baking.  I was making ground beef turnovers recently (they are a Lithuanian dish) and needed a better way to get my dough and meat portions pretty much equal.

Form your dough into a ball, then flatten it a bit on a floured board so its round.

In my case I wanted 8 equal portions so sliced it like a pie into 8 pieces.

I did the same with my meat mixture: made a ball, flattened a bit, sliced into 8 pie-shaped pieces.
This did the trick.  I didn't have to fiddle with portions like I did in the past.  Now they were all pretty much equal.

I could roll them out and fill them knowing they were about the same.  You can always roll out a smaller or larger piece of dough as needed.

Now for the crimping.  I pressed the dough together slightly with my fingertip. No, I did not use water.  It only makes a mess and is NOT necessary since this is pie dough.

Sealed all around with the tines of a fork.  And then to trim the edges.......

I used my pizza cutter to trim off the excess dough.  Worked like a charm.  Brushed them all with eggwash (beaten egg and a teaspoon of water mixed together).

When they were baked, I had a tasty lunch, or snack.  I love them both hot and cold as does my family.  I haven't made these since I moved here in Oct. so it was a great pleasure to enjoy them again.
Hope you all have a good day.

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