Monday, July 24, 2017

A Stroll Thru Our Gardens

We've had some lovely weather the last few days, in the mid-80sF here is southwestern Maine, but such low humidity and cool breezes off the river that made it so comfy outdoors.  Many residents here sitting out under the huge trees and enjoying the passing of the river and the summer blooming the last couple of days.   There's some 60'sF days coming for Monday and Tuesday and nothing really hot for at least a week which makes things pleasant for Mainers and tourists alike.

My container garden of tomatoes are still only greenies with just a touch of blush on one or two as you can see here.  L to R: Patio, two Better Bush and a Red Pride on the far right.

Here's a close-up of one of my Better Bush pots.

As for flowers, where does one begin.  Here is one of the Hosta Gardens out front and there's my corgi Penny checking it out.  The  several varieites of Hostas are in flower with lovely, tall, lavender spikes.  A large rhododendron in the background yet to blossom.

On the other side of our main entrance is the other half of the Hosta garden.  There's another large rhododendron in the background but no blossoms there yet either.  And on the right is a lacey vine.

I'm not sure what this is, but its very pretty.  Not in full bloom yet.  Covers a tall fence.

This one is in the back garden near the curbside bench.  I think it might be a lacey Hydrangea.

In the close-up it looks very much like the Bombshell Hydrangea and its flanked by bush roses.

We also have Snowball Hydrangeas on the far lawn.

Here's a close-up of the larger of the three planted along that hillside.

There are summer flowers blooming in the raised beds as well.  Here is Echinacea or Coneflower, a red variety.  Very pretty.

I can't identify this one, but its tiny purple bells on tall stalks.

Some of our flowers have passed, such as the Black-eyed Susans, Dianthus, early-blooming coneflowers, and the Shasta Daisies but I see later Black-eyed Susans are just opening in our birch tree garden where there's more shade.  I'll try to remember to take some photos of the birch tree areas soon.  Its shady under the trees and grows shade-loving flowers.  We've had a variety of blossoms in that area already which have passed and more to come from the looks of things.

Our Flower Box under the trees is going strong with an assortment of flowers and colors.

Its always a pleasure to stroll thru our grounds with its many flowering bushes and blooms.  I thought I would miss my own garden from back home when I moved here, but with all this color and beauty, I don't miss it at all and another more energetic and gardener takes care of it in all seasons.  I'm happy to just have a few containers this year.

I'm not the only one with pots to tend as you can see here with grape tomatoes, dahlias, dill and other greens.  Our patio is a nice sunny spot for growing flowers and veggies.

Have a good day my friends.

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  1. I miss having a garden this year!! It really helped me a lot being able to grow plants & watch them grow everyday...:-( I dislike water pumps that don't work properly!!