Friday, July 21, 2017

Our Canada Geese Family is Grown.

They came to visit our garden today and they are all grown up but still staying with Mom and Dad.  I think they may stay together and fly south when it starts to get cold.
One of their favorite things to do is graze on our riverside lawns.

When they've eaten their fill, they move closer to the river.
Every once in a while they stretch those wings and flutter them wide.  They sometimes just lie around enjoying some rest. 
A bit of preening goes a long way to making them so presentable and handsome.

But when the security guard comes in his automobile, on a signal from every watchful Dad, they head in single file into the reeds and down to the water's edge away from humans.
Its been wonderful watching this family grow the last couple of months, from little balls of fluff to tall adults with their true feathers and colors.
Have a Good Day.

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  1. You are a lucky duck getting to watch these beauts!! It has been awhile since i've seen our neighbors geese..infact i've heard nothing from them either....oh geez i hope nothing happened to them!! I have no way ti find out because the neighbors are not friendly nor respectful to the rest of us! I'd love to live in the middle of now where & have a farm, that would be EXCELLENT do you agree?? If you do when it happens for me i will build you a lil cottage for you & Miss Penny <3 Keep dreaming Christina lol TTYL