Friday, July 7, 2017

Knobby Towels, A First For Me.

It kept me up early this morning, thinking about it.  How about making hanging dish towels for knobs.  I have drawers in my kitchen that could use a towel hanging handy.  So I got right up and wrote out the new directions for it.
Above is a pair I made post haste today to see how I like it and how its fits my kitchen knobs.  It works.

A close up of the holes for the knobs.  If you have large knobs, you can adjust the holes by skipping 2 stitches instead of one.  Mine fits fine with one skip.

I think this will keep me busy today.  I have nothing else planned for the day so I can make a few sets of these for Christmas goodies.

Its beautiful out today here in Maine.  Sunny and only in the high 60sF so it feels so lovely when walking the dog and a nice breeze off the river.

Have a Nice Day.

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