Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Christmas Cactus Care

Some folks I know have wondered how to care for the beautiful Christmas Cactus.  Though called a cactus, it is actually a succulent.

This is a lovely plant and if you want it to bloom specifically for Christmas, follow these rules....

​1.  Keep potbound in sandy soil.
​2.  Water only when soil is completely dry.
​3.  Provide some humidity to the environment.
4.  Don't worry about bud fall.....its normal
​5.  Budding Regimen......To bloom for Xmas, place in dark room, or under bag or box in late Sept or early Oct, for 12 hours a day.
6.  When buds appear, cease the dark treatment.
They prefer day temps in 70s and nites 55-50F best or as close as you can get it.
Spring.....Fertilize after flowering.
Summer.....Move outdoors to shady area and maintain water and fertilizer.
Fall.....Move indoors before frost.  Keep drier soil now.  Start budding regimen late Sept or early Oct.
Winter......Place plant in indirect sunlight 4-6 hrs a day.  Keep soil moist.  Humid environment.

These are the general rules for having that lovely plant blooming for Christmas. 
They come is such lovely colors as well.  Good luck.

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  1. These are gorgeous i simply LOVE their vibrant color!!! I will have to check if they are safe to have around cats. Who wouldn't enjoy some color like this during the cold months of Winter! If i get one i wil be sure to reference this particular blog!!