Friday, October 30, 2015

Birds in my Back Yard

I moved the two birdfeeders closer to my kitchen door so I can easily refill them when the snows come and bury the yard.  I can also see the birds more easily to identify who's visiting. 
I took a few photos but failed to catch the White-breasted Nuthatches that have been feeding lately.
One of our many black-capped chickadees.  I just love to watch these little guys.  They are so active.
We have a couple of Blue Jays in the neighborhood lately.  I know they are considered gangsters, but I love all Mother Nature's creatures so I wouldn't chase these guys away.
This is a Tufted Titmouse.
Here's a Chickadee and a Titmouse at the tray feeder.
I'm not sure about this little fellow.  It looks like a tufted titmouse but this one is bluish instead of gray.
Another visitor I can't name right now.  Looks like a bluejay but is duller and a lot smaller.
I'm really enjoying these feeders being just outside my door.  I can take photos right thru the glass door on my storm door.
Its a beautiful day in the 50s with lots of sun.  The wind is blowing so the leaves keep drifting down. 
A good day for that chicken rice soup I have planned to make today.
Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. Wow these are great photos of the cute birdies!! I love the birds too. When i was younger i very much enjoyed hearing the chickadees in the Summer mornings. I love the color of the Blue jays, just beautiful & those titmouses are so cute, didn't even know we had those in Maine til just recently & would love to see one up close like in your picture here! Just the other i counted upwards of 60 Robins on our front lawn, i've never seen that many at once before it was amazing! Really enjoyed these 7 it looks like you ain't too bad a photographer yourself there!!! :-)