Friday, October 16, 2015

More Fall Colors Today Oct 16th

I wanted to get some pix before the rains coming in and the frosty nite.  With the winds we've been having today, lots of leaves are already blowing away.
Here's a little color along our Route 302 near our small shopping plaza.
Along our Sebago Lakefront at the public beach, the colors are really nice and bright today.
As you can see, the wind has blown much of the leaves away in this scene.
Even with leaves being blown off, there's still color to be seen.
Its still nice to see some gold among the red.
Here's a distance shot with color along the shore.
Again the clouds are thickening up against the blue sky and the lake is covered in silver.  So pretty.
Maybe tomorrow I can get some color shots along our road.  The ones I took today wouldn't transpose thru the Resize feature so I can't show them today.  Lets cross our fingers that the winds stay calmer tonite and the cold doesn't do too much damage.
Have A Wonderful Day.!

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