Saturday, October 17, 2015

New Fall Photos Oct 17th

On the way to our mailbox, I took a few pictures along our country road.  The wind has taken many of the leaves with it, and the reds are turning to a deeper bronze from the cold nites.  I'm afraid this is going to be the best of the color this year.
As you can see around our fire pit in the back yard, the colors have just begun.  The leaves are still green but they won't have time to turn I don't think, not with the nites being so cold and the winds being so blustery these last couple of days.
Yes, the leaves are pretty well blowing away today as you can see from this view in my side yard.
Its still nice to see the contrast between the gold and the bronze in these trees along our road.
Here's a little green, yellow, bronze, gold, and red in this short stretch of road.
Here's what I see when I stop at the highway before turning out from our country road.  There's still some color out there among our evergreens.
At least the yellow leaves are still pretty full and bright.
If you look hard enough, you can spot a red tree among the gold.
Its been a wonderful summer, full of great weather, not too hot too often and the evenings always cool and refreshing.  It was warm longer this year so the fall color is running late.  Usually we're going into full-color mode in my neighborhood around Columbus Day.  Its running a few days later this year and into the windy days of fall which pull the leaves from all the lovely trees a little too quickly.  Still, its been a pretty year.  I wish fall and her beauty would last a little longer, but alas, I'm thinking winter is right around the corner in our area.  They're calling for snow tonite in the higher altitudes around the White Mountains just 45 miles from here. 
Have a Wonderful Day!


  1. Those were lovely photos & i had to look really hard for the "RED tree" LOL I hope you enjoy the heck out of making ^ eating your lithuanian bundies!! I'll see if i can find any good photos of the foliage up my way but i did not get a chance for pics up at Baxter state park because of the weather this weekend was not what we hoped for. Take care & an email will be coming soon :-)

  2. All your photos are great!! So many beautiful birds you get to see in your yard.